13 February 2017

10 Best Hotels for Couples in Asia

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10 best hotels in Asia
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Diamonds are overrated. Flowers and chocolate are cliché. If you really want to give the love of your life the ultimate token of your affection, then nothing can compare to surprising him or her with a romantic getaway to one of Asia’s most exotic and alluring destinations. To assist you with your romantic endeavors, we have prepared a list of the most amazing hotels for couples in Asia, to help you plan your next unforgettable dream vacation for two.

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© Six Senses, Yao Noi
Six Senses Yao Noi – Thailand

Imagine yourself in a private pool villa, perched high on top of the jungle, with a flawless view of the pristine white sand beaches and gorgeous blue sea of Thailand. Now imagine you are having dinner on a luxury yacht, with your own private team of chefs and catering staff, serving delicious Thai cuisine and cocktails while you relax and enjoy the sunset. The Six Senses Yao Noi offers all this and much more. Diving, snorkelling, kayaking, rock climbing, or island hopping on a traditional longtail boat, Yao Noi is the perfect resort for adventurous couples.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Six Senses Yao Noi
© Six Senses, Yao Noi
Anantara Golden Triangle Resort – Thailand

Anantara is a completely unique hotel in the northern highlands of Thailand. Comprised of elegant and sumptuously decorated tents, surrounded by wilderness, the Anantara offers the most romantic atmosphere imaginable. What makes this already incredible luxury tented resort unique, is that it includes its own elephant camp, which provides homes to rescued elephants. What could be more romantic than a walk through the jungle alongside these gentle giants, or a candle-lit dinner in the company of cute baby elephants while enjoying exquisite Thai cuisine with your loved-one?

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Anantara Dining with Elephants
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Borneo Rainforest Lodge – Malaysia

For lovers of nature and wildlife, the Borneo Rainforest Lodge provides the ultimate experience in the heart of the jungles of Borneo. This secluded lodge is surrounded by amazing greenery, inhabited by orangutans, and equipped with all the amenities and services needed for a romantic getaway, including outdoor hot tubs and a large selection of spa treatments. Spend your days with exciting nature walks and safaris through the untamed wilderness of Borneo, while your evenings are spent with romantic candle-lit dinners and relaxing to the sounds of the jungle.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Borneo Rainforest Lodge
© Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum
The Siam – Thailand

If you are the kind of couple that prefers a more urbane vacation, with the excitement and sophistication of city life, then The Siam in Bangkok is for you. A fashionable luxury hotel with a contemporary style, this is the perfect accommodation for trendy couples that appreciate good design and a modern ambiance. At the Deco Bar, guests will be transported back to The Golden Age of Jazz and Thailand’s Art Deco period, while the decadent Opium Spa is the perfect place for couples to unwind and experience the fantastic opulence of Asia.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - The Siam
© The Siam, Bangkok
Xiengthong Palace – Laos

Luang Prabang is an incredibly romantic place to visit, with charming French villas housing intimate cafés, and picturesque monasteries populated by droves of saffron clad monks. The Xiengthong Palace is comprised of colonial era buildings, formerly home to the Laos royal family. Rooms are simply and tastefully furnished, providing an elegant atmosphere permeated with local charm. Breakfast is served at the beautiful “Kitchen by the Mekong” with a stunning view of the most famous river in Southeast Asia. In the evenings, you can relax in the outdoor cinema showing black and white films from Laos’ past, while spending your days on excursions to beautiful natural attractions, such as swimming in the turquoise pools of the Kuang Si Waterfalls.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Xiengthong Palace
© Victoria Xiengthong Palace, Luang Prabang
Misool Eco Lodge – Indonesia

Dive into the clear blue waters of Bali, exploring the fascinating coral reef and discovering its colourful marine life.  The Misool Eco Lodge is a beautiful dive resort with luxuriously equipped shacks, perched over the water on wooden posts, providing direct access to the sea.  If you are couple that enjoys swimming, diving, snorkelling, or just lounging around in the sun, then this tropical paradise is for you. Furthermore, the lodge is heavily involved with marine conservation, so you can enjoy your holiday with confidence while helping to support the sustainable development of this outstanding natural environment.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Misool Eco Lodge
© Misool Eco Lodge, Raja Ampat
Six Senses Con Dao – Vietnam

For a truly luxurious experience, the Six Senses Con Dao provides the very best that Vietnam has to offer. With near empty beaches, magnificent scenery and world-class service, this island resort is the ideal place for couples who just want to relax by the sea ,enjoying each others company in perfect tranquillity. The island of Con Dao formerly housed a prison under French colonialism, but has since been transformed into an island paradise for wealthy travellers. Don’t let the history of the place fool you; this is one island you will not want to escape from!

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Six Senses Con Dao
© Six Senses, Con Dao
The Landmark Mandarin Oriental – Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an exotic and mystical allure that is perfect for couples interested in both modern culture and ancient history. Walking along the intriguing alleyway markets, bustling with excitement, or dining in extravagant restaurants high above the clouds, Hong Kong is sure to provide unforgettable memories that you and your significant other will treasure forever. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is widely considered the best 5-star hotel in Hong Kong. With sumptuously furnished rooms and impeccable service, the Mandarin Oriental is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the unrivalled opulence of Hong Kong.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Landmark Oriental
© Landmark Oriental, Hong Kong
The Raffles Hotel – Singapore

This legendary hotel is steeped in tradition and has become an emblem of the wealth and prestige of Singapore. Founded in 1887, the Raffles Hotel has retained its colonial charm perfectly and every room is decorated with period furnishings, allowing couple to be transported back in time to an era of romance and adventure. The Raffles is also the birthplace of the iconic Singapore Sling, a drink that has become synonymous with the high-society parties of the rich and famous during the Golden Age of Asian Travel.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Raffles

The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi – Vietnam

Known as the “Paris of the East”, Hanoi is one of the most romantic cities in Southeast Asia. Along with the nearby Hanoi Opera House, which was modelled after the Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropole has been the focus point of high culture in Hanoi since the French colonial period. Since then, the Metropole has received famous guests from all over the world, from Charlie Chaplin to Jane Fonda, to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. While this legendary hotel offers perfect tranquillity and relaxation within its walls, the city outside is teeming with life and provides many opportunities to explore the winding streets and lively markets, creating the perfect balance of experiences for couples who want it all. For a truly extravagant experience, combine a stay at the Metropole with a private flight on a seaplane and a cruise of the romantic karst islands of Halong Bay.

Malte Blas - Hotels for Couples in Asia - Metropole
© Sofitel Legend Metropole, Hanoi

We hope this list of the most romantic hotels for couples in Asia has inspired you to start planning your next romantic adventure. If you are interested in booking any of these hotels or destinations contact us today for amazing offers. Visit our website for exciting and adventurous activities to include as part of your Asian journey.

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