05 April 2017

5 Best Hotel Bars in Asia

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Deco Bar & Bistro – The Siam – Bangkok

This chic and contemporary bar in the heart of Bangkok is worth mentioning for the décor alone. Inspired by Thailand’s Art Deco period, this hip venue screams jazz-era sophistication and decadence. The Deco Bar & Bistro not only serves a wide range of wine and cocktails, it also offers a decadent selection of delectable meals and mouth-watering snacks.

Malte Blas - Hotels Bars in Asia - The Siam

Le Club – Metropole – Hanoi

Le Club is the perfect place to enjoy classic jazz and cocktails in a sophisticated and historic setting. If the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not your thing, Le Club also offers a lavish chocolate buffet, as well as the obligatory high tea served by any self-respecting heritage hotel in Asia. The Metropole is famous for the number of celebrity guests it has received throughout its history, from Charlie Chaplin to Angelina Jolie.

Malte Blas - Hotel Bars in Asia - Le Club Metropole

Elephant Bar – Raffles – Phnom Penh

Widely considered the best hotel bar in the whole of Asia, the Elephant Bar in Phnom Penh has been an institution ever since the 1930s. This extremely atmospheric bar beautifully captures the spirit of Cambodia, with its elephant murals and elegant décor, and unlike many upscale hotel bars is known to get quite lively. Try the signature Femme Fatale cocktail, originally created for Jackie Kennedy in 1967, or enjoy the famous Raffles afternoon tea with a charming view of the adjacent garden.

Malte Blas - Hotel Bars in Asia - Elephant Bar Raffles
Long Bar – Raffles – Singapore

Yes, yet another Raffles bar… but one that cannot be omitted as it is perhaps the most well-known hotel bar in Asia! This is the birthplace of the Singapore sling, one of the most iconic cocktails in history. The Long Bar has been a gathering place for the rich and famous ever since the early 1900s, especially known for the patronage of writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Somerset Maugham.

Malte Blas - Hotel Bars in Asia - Raffles

New York Bar – Park Hyatt – Tokyo

Made famous in the 2003 film Lost in Translation, featuring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansen, the New York Bar is symbolic of everything Tokyo stands for. Classic and simple sophistication with a hyper-modern twist, the New York Bar is a stunning example of what contemporary hotel bars in Asia strive to be. Offering live music every night, innovative cocktails, premium cognac and brandies, as well as the largest collection of American wine in Japan, this bar is the perfect place to enjoy the breath-taking skyline of Tokyo.

Malte Blas - Hotel Bars in Asia - New York Bar

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