Beyond the Classics

As the number of travelers continues to grow the ‘highlights’ are being overrun. Twenty years ago, a trickle of intrepid travelers rose before the sun to watch it rise over Angkor Wat. In 2016, more than two-million travelers visited the iconic Khmer temple. Similar trends are occurring across Asia. Once lonely national parks now resemble a weekday traffic jam. Islands made famous for being lost paradises are now being shuttered because the ecosystems can’t handle the spreading tourist footprint. The ‘highlights’ are becoming an Instagram stop, losing the essence which made them magical in the first place.

Buffalo dares to reimagine travels to iconic Asian destinations. Instead of visiting only the highlights, Buffalo explores the nooks and crannies of our main destinations, offering a new view on an vetted classic. Explore the back alleys of Bangkok’s Chinatown and visit Wat Hua Lamphong, places few tourists ever touch. Dive deeper into Myanmar’s religious contours with a visit to Shwedagon’s neighboring monk’s market. Visit Jiading’s historical district where few brave Shanghai tourists dare to venture.

Be bold. Be different. Forge a new path, and you’ll find a new way to experience Asia’s greatest destinations.


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