22 May 2017

Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism Day 2017

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The 22nd of May is recognized globally as the International Day for Biological Diversity. With the UN’s declaration of 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, it is no surprise that this year’s theme is “Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism”.

At Buffalo Tours, we are using this day to reflect on how important protecting our natural environment is to securing the future of travel. Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to help raise awareness about the role that responsible tourism plays in helping to preserve our nature and wildlife.

Malte Blas - Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism - Rafflesia

Tourism is considered by many to be a key factor in environmental protection, as a source of funding for national parks, research and conservation, as well as a vehicle for education. In turn, biodiversity is also vitally important for maintaining growth in the travel industry, with beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife playing a significant role in attracting travellers to countries that rely heavily on tourism to help fund sustainable development.

Read about Global Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s website.

For example, a recent symposium hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan stressed the importance of national parks as tourism destinations in Japan. International cooperation in developing strategies for the interpretation of biodiversity (as well as the relationship between nature and humans) is being facilitated by the UN’s sustainable tourism initiatives, encouraging an exchange of ideas between environmentalists around the world.

Read more about the symposium at the United Nations University here.

Malte Blas - Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism - Long-nosed Monkeys

Buffalo Tours has been working for over two decades to promote responsible travel and sustainable tourism throughout Asia. Our responsible travel policy stresses the importance of environmental protection to travellers, local communities, as well as to the future of the travel industry as a whole. It is our firm belief that environmental protection, community development and cultural preservation are all part and parcel of any long-term sustainable tourism solutions, and that only by supporting these efforts holistically can we achieve lasting progress.

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