Travellers are unique people. When everyone else is satisfied with the status quo, travellers are ready to set off and get outside of their comfort zone. Travellers would rather spend a month exploring exotic corners of the globe than spending money on an expensive television, and they’re always adding to their travel bucket list and making plans for their next romantic getaway.

For travelling couples, there’s no better travel way to experience the world than with someone by your side. Just like travellers on their own, jetsetting couples have their own travel “personalities”, and are looking for lots of different things from their experience. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re digging into the 5 types of travelling couples we find on our journeys, and what romantic getaway they should choose this year!



The “Matching Trekking Boots” Couple

For some traveling duos, the status-quo is not going to cut it. For these kinds of couples, finding the adrenaline-fueled travel alternatives is part of the fun! This pair is most likely to skip the standard bus transfer for the longer – and more challenging – cycling journey. When it comes to accommodation, count on these two trading the trendy boutique hotel for the local homestay, or the restaurant for the busy street food stall. For the adventurous couple always looking for a travel twist, nothing is more romantic than pushing the boundaries and getting out of their comfort zone together.

We suggest:

Adventure in Northern Laos

Thailand Adventure Tour

Cycle Vietnam


Couple Spa

The “Honeymoon with a Twist” Couple

There are honeymooners, and then there are traveller honeymooners. Destination newlyweds are looking to start their life together with a bang – and that means leaving the ordinary behind and heading for Southeast Asia. Although this pair are looking to spice up their honeymoon with exotic sights and sounds, don’t count on them setting aside the luxury and romance to do it. These two are looking to strike the balance between luxury and experience, comfort and creativity. Count on them leaving their luxury beachside hotel room for a day-long trekking excursion into the wilderness without missing a beat.

We suggest:

Honeymoon in Vietnam

Luxury Beach Break in Thailand

Malaysia Honeymoon Adventure


kayaking couple

The “Sea Legs” Couple

Solid ground is overrated, and this pair knows it. Always ready to experience things from a different perspective, this couple won’t bat an eye at ditching the dirt and asphalt for the waves. River cruises, rowing boats, fishing baskets – these two are all about getting out on the water and experiencing something unique when they’re travelling. In Asia, expect to see these two swapping the road journeys and plane rides for something decidedly more leisurely. Smaller rooms on board river boats don’t bother them – they’re more interested in heading out on deck and taking in the scenery.

We suggest:

Luxury Halong Bay

Northern Thailand to Laos Cruise

Mekong Delta Le Jarai Cruise


Thailand family trip

The “Kids In Tow” Couple

Not everyone gets to leave the family unit behind when they set off for foreign lands, but this couple don’t mind. They’re all about discovering family fun in places where travel equals education. Their activities are always centred around something that the entire family can enjoy, and they’ve gotten in touch with their inner child along the way. Expect this pair to trade the romantic rooftop dinner for a night at the Cambodian Circus, or trade the leisurely car transfer for a zipline adventure! If the kids will love it, these two will love it, too. After all, who says family fun can’t be romantic?

We suggest:

Singapore Family Adventure

Yangshuo China Family Adventure

Family Vietnam


Hanoi-Street Food Tour-5262

The “Foodie” Couple

Grab your chopsticks! These travelling foodies are all about finding the best and most exotic food on their travels. Discovering their destination’s most exotic tastes is their favourite romantic pasttime, and they’ve spent plenty of time doing it. And tasting the food simply isn’t enough – bet on seeing these two working together to whip up a traditional Vietnamese meal at a cooking school, or learning about food sourcing with a fishing and farming experience. If there’s something to be tasted, cooked or sipped, these two will find it. One of our favourite foodie travel couples explored Vietnam’s incredible food with us – check out their story!

We suggest:

Gourmet Vietnam

Malaysia Adventure

Classic Thailand

Feeling inspired to set off on your next romantic getaway? Let us create an custom itinerary in Asia that’s perfect for whatever kind of travel couple you are!


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