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Tales from the Trails

How We Created our Best Bangkok Walking Journey Yet

A look behind-the-scenes of our unique Boutique Bangkok Chinatown walking tour experience in Bangkok – the ultimate in local life on a full-day highlights excursion! Late last year, the Buffalo team proudly announced the introduction of a brand new tour line: Essence. With a careful combination of the highlights and local experiences, Essence was the product of […]

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Stories from the Road: The Making of an Incredible Journey

We all know how the makings for a good journey – proper planning, well-timed arrivals and smart packing. But what takes a good journey to another level? What makes a good journey, a great journey?  Sometimes, the answer to that question is best left to the experts – travel bloggers who spend lots of time […]

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The Places In Between: A Peek at Everyday-Bali

The highlights of a destination –its beaches, temples, mountains, etc, are only one part of the experience that encompasses a “journey”. The thrill of traveling begins and ends, more often than not, in the places that you never think of before going there –the back-street alleys filled with friendly locals, the dusty road-side stops, and the […]

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Buffalo Q&A: Making 2016 a ChildSafe Year in Thailand

In 2011, Buffalo Tours teamed up with ChildSafe Thailand, a Friends International organisation tasked with combating child exploitation in the country. Since then, our team has helped bring awareness to these important issues through guide training and support – but you’re the key to taking their mission to the next level. We sat down with […]

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#ChangeTravelChangeLives – How To Travel Differently in 2016

Our new Year’s Resolutions this year are all about changing travel – and changing lives – for the better. Here’s what we’re committing to doing in 2016, and how you can be a part of it, too! Travel has a way of changing our lives for the better. It opens our minds to new experiences, […]

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Asian Food Adventures: Eating Singapore

Singapore doesn’t often make it on foodies travel to-do list in Asia, but it should! Our foodie writer reminisces about her own experience eating the best food in Singapore – and what she still has on her food bucket list! Singapore may be small, but she is mighty. From towering shopping malls and sparkling harbour […]

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