Undecided on Bali for your next adventure getaway? We break down the reasons why this heavily-visited Indonesian island is still and adventure travellers paradise (despite its popularity).

Let’s face it – sometimes, Bali gets a bad rap. The tropical Indonesian destination holds a place among Southeast Asia’s most popular beach getaway spots, which has only added to its reputation as a well-worn step along the tourist track. Adventure travellers looking for something different and unique find themselves thinking twice about heading to Bali – if, for no other reason, than to avoid the crowds. But those travellers off seeking better places to explore would be missing out on what still makes Bali one of the coolest places to head for adventure.

What Bali might lack in anonymity it more than makes up for in size and diversity. With over 5,500 square metres on jungles, beaches and volcanic landscapes, Bali still has plenty of mystery within its depths – not to mention dozens of opportunities for adrenaline junkies!

But don’t take our word for it – Bali’s best adventure destinations speak for themselves. When looking for Southeast Asia’s best heart-racing experiences, these are the places that should have you Bali-bound!

Snorkeling and Diving at Mejangan Island

There are more places to snorkel and dive in Bali that you can count, but finding the spots where it’s still serene enough to take in the scenery is more difficult. Thanks to Indonesia’s uncommonly calm waters and islands, snorkeling and diving here is world-class – and the world has taken notice. One of the last hold outs for divers and snorkels that would rather skip the massive crowds is at Mejangan Island.

Although it’s not “Bali’s best kept secret”, it’s certainly far enough out of the way to retain picturesque underwater environments. Careful, though – inexperienced divers and snorkelers had better go along with a guide here, since the currents can throw novices through a loop!

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mount batur bali adventure travel (2)

Scaling Mount Batur

It’s not every day that you can say you scaled a still-active volcano, but that’s exactly the story you’ll have after braving the climb to the summit of Mount Batur. Standing around 1200 meters above sea level, Mount Batur commands some of the best views you’re likely to find in Southeast Asia, not to mention a thriving jungle ecosystem.

Just below it’s summit, too, the geology nerds have something to look forward to with an area almost completely covered in black tar left from an eruption in 1814. Better yet, you’re likely to get a kick of adrenaline when you learn about Batur’s even more recent past – with its last eruption less than two decades ago!

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git git waterfall bali adventure travel

Canyoning in Gitgit Waterfall

Although the towering 40-metre high Gitgit Waterfall is one of Bali’s largest falls, there are plenty of smaller – but equally stunning falls – scattered through Singaraja. You’ll find plenty standing back and snapping photos of Gitgit from a distance, but for truly adventurous souls, the only way to truly experience the area’s falls is up close and very personal.

The best way to do it? By canyoning – a heart-racing crossbreed sport that combines river trekking, cliff jumping, rock climbing and abseiling! Gitgit isn’t the only place to test the limits with canyoning, but it’s one of Bali’s best places to give it a shot – thanks to a host of natural springs and “water slides” built right into the fall’s facade.

Ijen crater bali adventure travel

Trekking to Ijen Crater

Indonesia is chock full of volcanoes, so it’s easy to adopt an attitude of “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. Within only one, though, is the largest crater lake in Java – Ijen Crater – that’s well worth a daring trek to reach it. Here you’ll find a thriving economy driven by the gathering of sulfur – a natural byproduct of volcanic eruptions used in jewelry making.

Besides just watching porters carrying hundreds of pounds worth of sulfur on their shoulders, you’re likely to see the most vivid blue-green water you’ve ever seen within Ijen Crater. Don’t count on taking a swim, though. The lake gets its vivid colour thanks to its extremely acidic water!

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White Water Rafting in Ubud

Ubud isn’t exactly off of the tourist track – this historic locale in central Bali is one of the most famous and well-travelled areas on the entire island. But Ubud is also home to Ayung River and some of the most stunning jungle scenery on the entire island.

Thanks to dense foliage that hugs the river bank, you’ll have a hard time imagining you’re in a tourist trap while gripping your white water rafting paddles and battling your way down the river. This one is a great adventure for animal lovers, too – you’ll have a front row seat to see Ubud’s wildlife locals if you play your cards right!

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  1. Ubud is one of the moust pavorite destination in bali for travelers to staying with the nice wheater in natural rice field.



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