Over the past three weeks, the Buffalo Team has been busy collecting some of the best travel photos and stories for the #MyAsia Photo Contest – and the results are amazing! Meanwhile, all of that travel inspiration has the Buffalo team looking back on some of our favourite travel memories (including our Managing Director). With three weeks to go until voting begins, we rounded up our team’s favourite #MyAsia moments.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your photo and story, check out our team’s most memorable tales and snapshots from our destinations!

“Rising at the crack of dawn for their morning Mantra recitation, these novice monks were clearly struggling to stay awake when I first entered the monastery. As they dutifully chanted, I cautiously approached the group and snapped a few photos. Afterwards, these three novices approached me and, using hand signals, indicated that they’d like to take a photo with me –a request which I happily obliged.”

Alex, Community Executive and Destination Photographer

“In Sapa, this Hmong woman told us about her community, including how once or twice a year after a parade of single ladies goes through the town the young men in the community will pick a young women to ask on a date, and if the girl doesn’t think he is good enough she will say no and wait for the next man. But it only happens after those parades, meaning the men risk asking the wrong person and not having a date for another 6 months!”

– Maude, Projects Manager

“This is a very special picture to me and my family. Taken during a Street Eats tour in Saigon with Buffalo tours, it was an incredible experience to introduce my children to the amazing tastes of Saigon food – and the buzz of this bustling city.”

– Sarah, Commercial Director

“I’ve been to so many pagodas and temples in my life, but I’ve never felt as peaceful as when I visited Schwedaggon in Yangon, Burma. We spent hours walking around there on bare-feet with our lovely Burmese tour guide – Wien. The beauty of Schwedaggon can’t really be described in words- you have to be there to see it for yourself. Wien took us to one special spot, where we could observe that the golden top of the temple changed color when the sky went dark. The contrast of the color of gold, and the dark blue sky was just magnificent.”

– Ngan, Online Marketing Team Leader

“I live far from my family, but fortunately for me, my mother is an avid traveler, so we arrange to meet up somewhere new at least once a year. We decided on Halong Bay this year. I was told we were going during a national holiday, so “expect chaos.” We arrived, and the boats disbursed, and suddenly there was no chaos, no craziness; just peace. All around us, there were just these magnificent little islands, hiding us away from the world. We had some time to kayak and relax during the day, and my mom and I ended up with a beach to ourselves. It was absolutely the most glorious day of my life, as we were able to reconnect with each other, with no distractions or interruptions… paradise!”

– James Duquette, Client Experience Officer


“This photo from riding on a tuk tuk has got to be the best way to experience Bangkok’s colourful street life. We love this particular shot because it sums up our crazy, delicious adventure through the streets of Thailand.”

– Peter and Noey, Content Contributors for Asian Food Adventures series

“I spent three days with my sister on Cat Ba Island, a beautiful corner of Halong Bay. We spent most of the time trekking and cycling through the area. But the thing that I remember most is how many times we both said, ‘this looks like Jurassic Park!’ I don’t think I’ll ever forget how complete in awe we both were.”

KarenContent & Social Media Executive

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