When it comes to brand new years, it’s not really a New Year’s celebration unless someone is making a few resolutions. And while everyone is getting ready to clink champagne glasses, watch the countdown and making promises for the new year, we’re busy at Buffalo Tours making a few New Year’s resolutions of our own! And there’s a few resolutions that have a way of making it into tons of people’s new year lists – and as it turns out, those same “biggest hits” resolutions are a bit like our own – but ours come with a bit of a twist.

1. Travel More

Finding someone who doesn’t make a promise to explore more on New Year’s Eve is pretty tough – travel is just one of those things that makes it onto almost everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list (and we can understand why!). It’s probably one of our favourite resolutions, and one we love helping people keep. But in 2015, setting off on more adventures and travelling to new destinations isn’t just a resolution we like to help others keep – it’s one of our very own resolutions, too!

Beginning in 2015, we’re launching our operations in Six brand new destinations – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Hong Kong. That brings our total destinations up to Eleven, with some brand new experiences in each and every one of our countries of operation. Our 2015 resolution to “travel more” goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to finding bigger and better ways to help you discover Asia, and next year will be one of our most exciting years in our over two decades of travel!

2. Help More People

A whole lot of our New Year’s Resolutions are about what we want to do for ourselves, but pledging to be better people is certainly topping plenty of resolution lists year after year. After all, there are few feelings more wonderful than the warm-and-fuzzies of helping others out – and that goes for Buffalo Tours, too. We’ve always been committed to providing more sustainable, more responsible travel opportunities on each of our tours, but 2015 will mean an even bigger effort to make travel beneficial to Southeast Asian communities.

That means a few things for us: first, we’ll be launching our Mai Chau Medical Trek next year after a year hiatus, which aims to promote better health outcomes in a destination that’s close to our heart (and one of the very first destinations we ever ran tours to!). Plus, it also means putting a bigger effort on creating more environmentally friendly tours that directly benefit local communities, both with new tours and existing ones. For even more information about how you can also make your travel more sustainable, check out what our partner Educational Travel Asia does by clicking here.

Help more people

3. (Help You) Learn New Things

One of our favourite parts of travel is to seek out experiences that are out of the ordinary, outside of our comfort zone and as exciting as they are unique. For most, that means heading to a cooking class or learning to hang glide – but for us, it’s less about learning new things ourselves than making it even easier for you to roll up your sleeves and try something new!

With plenty of brand new tours in our destinations that have a little something you’ll learn along the way (learning to fish and farm in Hoi An, or how to weave baskets on a Cambodia homestay, for example), we’re excited to learn even more things on our tours.

Learn new things

Are any of these your New Year’s Resolutions, too? Find out how to check off all three with a tour to Southeast Asia – start customising your own tour with us here!


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