In June, we invited our travel community to show us how they discover Asia. With their favourite travel photos and stories, we had the incredible opportunity to see what makes each and every traveller’s journey in Asia an experience to remember. So, the #MyAsia Photo Contest was born – an opportunity for our community to show us what it meant to discover their Asia with their best photos and stories that captured a perfect moment on their travels.

After eight weeks of receiving some of the very best moments in Asia alongside our community, we’re excited to announce that the votes are in – and we have four brand new #MyAsia winners!

By Popular Vote

With a whopping 559 likes on our Facebook page, Jhana Marie Catapang’s photo enjoying the glittering skyline of Singapore – one of our newest destinations – won our grand prize of a US$1,100 travel voucher!

singapore marina bay

“This photo was taken during my first tour in Singapore and also a very memorable one because I remembered this was the moment that I fell in love with this amazing city and promise myself that I will surely come back.” – Jhana Marie Catapang

Judges’ Choice

With so many incredible photos and stories to choose from, it was no easy task for the Buffalo Tours team to choose our three Judges’ Choice photos. With a panel of 10 judges deliberating on their very favourite stories, moments and memories, we’re excited to announce our three picks for the Most Inspiring Story, the Most Humorous Snapshot and the Most Beautiful Photo.

Most Inspiring Story

Hanoi kindergarten kids

“In 2014 I volunteered, through Buffalo Tours, to help teach english in a foster home in Vietnam. I had a extremely difficult year in 2013 and the result of these difficulties left me feeling lost. In Vietnam a world away from my home; in a place I did not understand the language and where my physical presence was an anomaly I found comfort. I made friends. I discovered beauty appears when least expected. I discovered the simple comfort of a smiling face. I enjoyed the warm embrace of the Vietnamese people. And with their help I began to feel whole again.

This picture was taken in April of 2015 on the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. It was taken during my second trip to Vietnam and my second time volunteering at the Tay Dang Center. I had just finished Zumba class on the lakeside with my wonderful Vietnamese friends. As I went to take a picture of these school children one of the ladies told me to sit and she took this picture. Despite the fact that I am not smiling I am quite happy. I am enjoying the children’s happy curious smiles. This is my entry for the photo contest. I have so many photos it was hard to choice. But I feel this one captures the warmth, curiosity and beauty of Vietnam.” – Liza Ozzano.

What makes it so special to the Buffalo Tours team?

As avid travellers, the Buffalo Tours team knows just how life-changing an incredible journey in our destinations can be. Though so many of our submissions showcased the many ways our community were shaped by their journeys in Asia, this story embodied the experience of truly connecting with a culture and people in this spectacular part of the world.

Most Humorous Snapshot

man and his dog riding motorbike

“During our travels with Buffalo Tours through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, my family and I saw a great many dogs – but none as handsome, well cared for and self possessed as this fella, an island of calm among the frenetic morning traffic of Saigon! ” – Melissa & Tim Rogers

What makes it so special to the Buffalo Tours team?

Sometimes it’s hard to capture the chaos, excitement and occasional humour of the Asian region – but this snapshot from Melissa and Tim Rogers showcases just one of the amusing things you’re likely to see on a journey in Asia. Not only does this photo represent the quirky charm of Asia, but it also came with a story just as charming as the photo itself!

Most Beautiful Photo

Halong Bay Vietnam

“Another incredible shot from this breathtaking part of the world. In April 2015, we were fortunate to find ourselves floating around the tranquil waters of Halong Bay on the gorgeous restored junk “L’Azalee”. It was one of our favourite parts of the whole trip, and was a welcome contrast to the bustling city of Hanoi. The vastness of this place is hard to describe, but sitting on the top deck and soaking it all up was absolutely amazing.” – Tania Crowdy

 What makes it so special to the Buffalo Tours team?

It’s hard to define what “beautiful” means, but more than just a perfectly crafted photo that appears to have come from a professional photographer, the Buffalo Tours team thinks that a beautiful photo is about the moment that made it possible. After lots of deliberation among all of the beautiful photos in our submissions, the team thought that this stunning photo captured the vast majesty of one of our favourite destinations in Vietnam. It embodied what we hope to bring to each of our travellers – a beautiful moment that sticks with us for a lifetime.

See all of the #MyAsia Photo Contest entries in our Facebook album. Share yours with our team by posting on our Facebook wall and including the hashtag #MyAsia to give us permission to share yours, too!



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