Hidden hanoi tour

See firsthand the best way to explore Hanoi, by foot! Buffalo Tours will be providing a new tour to truly discover the city, our ‘Hidden Hanoi’ walking tour.

Who ever first uttered the words “these boots are made for walking” knew a thing or two about how to explore a new city.

Travelling, after all, is less about the places you see than the way that you experience them. That experience plays a big part in how Buffalo Tours is creating new experiences throughout Asia in 2015 – guiding us in creating tours that aren’t just “checklist” excursions, but extraordinary discoveries of Southeast Asia’s cultures and people. And in that spirit, we’re starting the new year off right with a brand new tour in our hometown that’s all about the experience – both in location and transportation.

On a half-day excursion that explores all those corners of Hanoi that the locals know (but the tourists don’t), our brand new Hidden Hanoi Walking Tour is the product of many months of brainstorming, plenty of wanders around tiny alleyways and streets and the hard work of Buffalo Tours’ resident travel addicts. We’re very proud of the final result – the perfect blend of must-see sights and lesser-known local spots with a little bit of “local flavour” thrown in (read: pho cuon!), all at the pace perfect for cultural discovery.

But don’t take our word for it. See what’s in store for your next visit to Hanoi with the first snapshots of the Hidden Hanoi Tour. If you do take our word for anything, though, then believe this: get your walking shoes ready, they’re in for a workout!

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