We’re always on the hunt for what makes Asia so inspirational to our travellers. Our destinations might be magical, but they’re magical for lots of different reasons – it all depends on who you ask! For some, it’s Asia’s exotic flavours and lively street food culture. For others, it’s the experience of settling into rhythm of a typical day in a frenetic Asian city. More often than not, it’s the warmth and smiles of our tour guides and the locals. There are a thousand things that make Asia fascinating – and now we’re asking you to tell us why!

From June 8th to July 19th, your answer could be the start of your next adventure in Asia! Introducing the #MyAsia Photo Contest – where your favourite travel photo enters you to a $1,100 Buffalo Tours Travel voucher or a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

All it takes is one great travel photo and a short description of the story behind it. It could be a selfie with your favourite tour guide in Vietnam, a snapshot of the sunset over Angkor Wat, or a family photo in the back of a Bangkok tuk-tuk. Your photo should highlight any moment, story or memory that describes how you discovered your Asia with us.

How do I enter?

1) Open a new email to community@buffalotours.com or karen.hewell@buffalotours.comAttach your favourite travel photo (make sure it’s at least 1080 pixels wide – if it’s not, we’ll let you know and help you fix it).

2) Then, write about what makes your photo special to you in the body of the email.

3) Once you’re done, click “send”! Once we recieve it, your entry will then be added to the Buffalo Tours Facebook Album on July 20th for voting, until August 2nd.

Remember: Your photo must be in one of our destination countries; Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, or Indonesia.

Have questions about how to create the perfect MyAsia photo and story, and if your photo is applicable? Send us an email to community@buffalotours.com – we’re happy to help!

What should my photo description include?

Your photo description (written in your email) should be at least once sentence long, and can include anything that you think is important about the photo. You can tell us the story about the people in the photo, or share a little bit about the destination. Anything that helps us understand the memory behind the photo is great!

Your photo and your description will be uploaded onto the #MyAsia Facebook Album on July 20th for voting, so the more descriptive the story, the better.

How does voting work?

On July 20th, your submission along with all other submissions will be uploaded onto a special Facebook photo album on the Buffalo Tours Facebook Page. If you aren’t following us, don’t worry – we’ll let you know by email when the photo goes online!

Then, the photo with the most “likes” after two weeks (until August 2nd) wins our grand prize! But don’t worry – three photos chosen by the Buffalo Tours Travel Team will also win our runners-up prizes. So you have lots of chances to win!

What can I win?

If your photo gathers the most “likes” between July 20th and August 2nd, you’ll win our grand prize of $1,100 Travel Voucher for your next Buffalo Tours journey!

If your photo is one of the three runners-up, chosen by the Buffalo Tours Travel Team, you’ll win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

Who can I ask if I have questions about submissions and the contest?

The Buffalo Tours team is ready to answer any questions you have about the contest, the prizes and tips for creating the perfect MyAsia photo submission. Here’s how to contact us:

Email: community@buffalotours.com; or karen.hewell@buffalotours.com

By Facebook message: Buffalo Tours Facebook page

… or in the comments of this blog!

Read more about the #MyAsia Photo Contest Terms & Conditions, and connect with us on Facebook to follow the conversation!




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