There are few things that make us feel more proud of the work we do at Buffalo Tours than when we take a look back at our travellers’ experiences throughout the year. There’s a whole lot of work to be done to make our journeys in Asia truly extraordinary – something we take pride in doing, since Southeast Asia is our home – but what makes all of that hard work worth it is knowing that our travellers are discovering what’s really special about our destinations.

And this year, we loved taking a look back and finding out which of our tours were really special – and even more, finding out why. Thanks to our TripAdvisor recommendations, the tireless work of our tour guides and the intrepid energy of our travellers, this year was a very special one for Buffalo Tours.

These are 10 journeys that are on the Top of our list – and on top of yours – this year!

1. L’Azalée Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay-L'Azalee-9032


It’s hard to not love setting sail into one of Vietnam’s (and the world’s) most beautiful natural destinations – so we aren’t surprised that our L’Azalée luxury Halong Bay cruise  was one of our top tours this year. Plus, since 2014 was also the launch of our very anticipated seaplane voyages that put an extra adventurous spin on the journey, this was a great year to explore Vietnam’s scenic gem.

“The entire crew on board L’Azalee was amazing, so lovely and attentive. The main guide ‘James’ was great value and very funny! He always had our schedule organised and made sure everyone was okay. Halong Bay is definitely a must do and I couldn’t recommend L’Azalee highly enough!”

TripAdvisor review for L’Azalée cruise

2. Cu Chi Tunnels by Saigon River

Cu Chi-Tunnels-Clients-2321

Southern Vietnam’s historic Cu Chi Tunnels are one of the country’s most incredible opportunities to literally touch history. But among all of the reasons travellers should be Cu Chi Tunnels on the top of their to-do list in southern Vietnam, what makes our Cu Chi excursion special is the way we get there. That is, rather than braving the roads (which can be an adventure in and of itself) we take to the waves, instead! It’s one of our favourite ways to explore another side of Vietnam – and as it turns out, it’s one of yours, too!

“At $89 for the Buffalo Tours trip going by car and returning by boat, looked pricey – it is possible to get cheaper trips if you want to, but my advice is don’t bother, go with these guys!”

TripAdvisor review for Cu Chi Tunnels by Saigon River Tour

3. Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia


Experiencing all that Vietnam and Cambodia has to offer would take a lifetime, but we love helping our travellers get a little taste of it. Combining the destinations that have been in the Buffalo Tours portfolio since the beginning, plus some of our newest experiences in rural Cambodia, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t very proud of our Vietnam and Cambodia Highlights journey. But what really makes the journey truly extraordinary are the people that make it happen – that is, our incredible tour guides!

“Very Professional, excellent tour guides in both Cambodia and Vietnam, courteous and fluent in English. Full of interesting information and historic facts regarding the country and places of interest, as well as good places to eat and shop including how much you should pay for things such as souvenirs.”

TripAdvisor review for Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia

4. Sapa to the Sea

If there was one destination in our portfolio that we can’t wait to visit again and again, it’s certainly Sapa, Vietnam. Endlessly scenic and incredibly fascinating, this mountainous destination is the perfect combination of natural beauty and exotic charm. Exploring Sapa before descending toward Halong Bay is the perfect portrait of northern Vietnam – and it’s one exclusive Buffalo experience that earned a top spot on our 2014 tours!

5. Cai Be Princess Mekong Delta Boat Trip

The Mekong Delta region is on countless travel bucket lists, and it’s easy to see why. As one of the most productive and prosperous regions in all of Southeast Asia, there’s hardly any place more fascinating to explore – from villages to floating markets to emerald rice paddies. So far, we haven’t found a better way to explore the region than from the waves – a scenic experience that’s so stunning that it’s one of our very best tours this year.

6. Halong Bay by Seaplane with L’Azalée Cruise


To say that we were over the moon to launch our brand new seaplane journeys to Halong Bay would be an understatement. There’s little that can top the beauty of this UNESCO natural world heritage site, but seeing it all from 5000 meters above is certainly one way to make an amazing experience one that is truly extraordinary. Pair that with a luxury cruise through the bay – complete with kayaking and cave excursions – and we’re excited to see our Seaplane and L’Azalee Halong Bay Experience at the top of our 2014 tours. And with our seaplane adventures soon launching in the Mekong Delta, we’re pretty excited to see what next year has in store, too!

7. Classic Thailand

Thailand is just one of those destinations that hardly ever disappoints. From the bustling urban charm of Bangkok to the uncommon serenity of its pristine southern beaches, Thailand is one of the world’s favourite travel destinations for very, very good reason. With that, designing an incredible highlights tour through Thailand was easy – and with the help of an amazing team of local guides, we like to think we showcase the very best of the Land of Smiles. Thankfully, it seems like our travellers agree – and put our Classic Thailand tour in our top 10 tours for 2014!

8. Elephants and Beaches

AFS_8709 landscape

Heading off of the beaten track is one of our very favourite things to do on our tours, and Thailand is the perfect place to do it. Stretches of jungle, incredible wildlife and a nearly endless choice of pristine beaches make it almost a crime not to design an entire tour around exploring just that. That’s why we weren’t surprised to see our Elephants and Beaches tour on the top of our 2014 tours – it turns out that our travellers are just as excited to ditch the tourist track and explore a little more in Thailand, too!

9. Luxury Vietnam to Cambodia Cruise

If ever there was a place designed for exploring in luxury, Southeast Asia is certainly it. And since nothing quite says luxury like a scenic cruise, our river cruise down the Mekong River goes hand-in-hand with our luxury travel style. That said, we don’t think there’s any reason to sacrifice cultural discovery when travelling in luxury, so we like to think of our Luxury Vietnam to Cambodia Cruise tour as our very best combination of comfort and adventure. It’s a balance that’s worked pretty well – since it’s one of our top tours this year!

10. Classic Myanmar


Myanmar is finally making its way onto top travel destinations, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of helping travellers check Myanmar off of their bucket lists. This country’s history and scenery makes our job of creating a breathtaking and truly extraordinary tour pretty easy, but that didn’t stop us from working hard to make each and every moment of a Myanmar adventure unforgettable. With our Classic Myanmar making our top 10 tours for 2014 list, we think that our efforts certainly paid off, and we have you to thank for it!

“We would certainly recommend Buffalo Tours to our friends in Belgium and to anyone who wishes to visit Myanmar. We will certainly contact Buffalo Tours again the day we plan to visit another country in the Far East.”

TripAdvisor review for Classic Myanmar tour

Ready to explore the very best of Southeast Asia? See where we go and how we get there here. If you already know where you want to go, get started on creating your customised journey to the heart of the region with us!


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