The bustling capital of Bangkok is home to the region’s most daring and boundary-pushing performance art. If you love arts and culture be sure to explore some of Bangkok’s incredible theatres.

As a city that is teeming with incredible creative and artistic energy, Bangkok is naturally one of the best cities in the region to see live theatre. Most troupes in the city are fiercely independent and employ dynamic combinations of Western-style theatre and traditional Southeast Asian performance art in their work. Exploring the theatre scene in the Thai capital is one of the most interesting, illuminating and genuinely unique ways to learn about Thailand. These are some of the best and most unique theatre troupes in the city, as eclectic as they are phenomenally talented.

B-Floor Theatre


B-Floor Theatre is perhaps Bangkok’s most thrilling example of avant-garde performance art. Performing stunning on-stage art since its genesis in 1999, B-Floor has taken to the stage many visually arresting performances that combine multimedia and installation work with live action performance. Their shows often have little or no script, and rely on a troupe of talented local artists and performers to bring the stories to life. Many of their shows are based upon themes that challenge social and political issues, and aim to bring awareness to issues that are central to Thailand and its people.

By bringing in elements of martial arts, dance, mime, gymnastics and acrobatics to their theatre shows that creative dynamic visual environments. Their performances have gained so much attention that the troupe has performed around the world as well as in Thailand, traveling to stages as far as Denmark, India, Korea, France and the United States. And, since their performances are focused upon visual mediums and communication rather than strictly spoken word, B-Floor Theatre is a perfect opportunity for visitors to take in Thai culture despite the language barrier.

Peel the Limelight

Peel the Limelight, although relatively new on the Bangkok theatre circuit, is bringing to the city stage a new level of professionalism and diversity. Established as one of the city’s first troupes with both foreign and local thespians performing together, Peel the Limelight’s performances are performed in English with professional theatre, television and film actors cast in leading roles. Despite the high calibre of its performers, Peel the Limelight follows in the footsteps of Bangkok’s independent theatre scene by remaining non-commercial and not-for-profit.

Peel the Limelight’s shows explore diverse yet universal themes like love and loss in classical theatre performances. Their color-blind casting also illustrates the company’s dedication to cultural understanding and collaboration. As a visitor, their performances are perhaps the best stepping stone into exploring what the Bangkok theatre scene has to offer.

Crescent Moon Theatre


Crescent Moon Theatre was established in the 1970s by a group of students, and to this day has continued as one of Bangkok’s enduring theatrical groups. Passed from generation to generation, Crescent Moon has been performing original work in 1975, when it was established as a formal theatrical group. Like many of Bangkok’s performance art, Crescent Moon is influenced not just by classical theatre technique, but also a decidedly experimental approach to performances that focuses on collaboration and the artistic energy of its performers.

With their stirring working philosophy “We Are Laborers of Art”, Crescent Moon illustrates poignant tales that transcend cultural borders and instead explore the universal concepts of the human condition. Although performances in recent years are not as frequent as its theatre counterparts like B-Floor, Crescent Moon continues to operate out of its small theatre and art space in downtown Bangkok.

Save the Date! The Bangkok Theatre Festival (BTF)

To showcase the truly wide and exceptionally diverse collection of theatre, performing arts and creative stage troupes in Bangkok, the annual Bangkok Theatre Festival brings together the best and brightest of Thailand’s theatre companies. From small community theaters to major professional troupes, over 60 groups from around the country gather in the capital to perform over two weeks on many of the city’s stages.

The festival is organized by the Bangkok Theatre Network and the Ministry of Culture to take place yearly (usually in November), and is one of the best opportunities for visitors to see a side of Thailand not often glimpsed by passing travelers. Among the city’s incredible architectural marvels, bustling nightlife and cultural diversity, the Bangkok Theatre Festival is perhaps one of the best ways to see the city and its people at its most creative and thriving.


It will be the most unforgettable trip for you if joining these amazing shows in Bangkok, Thailand! If you need any further information about theatres or shows in Bangkok this time, just book a Thailand tour with us and let our experts in Bangkok take you there! 

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