Ha Long Bay

The year of 2014 is an exciting time for the Buffalo Tours team for a lot of reasons… Most notably, with our exciting new tour of Ha Long Bay from up high! Ride in a seaplane over Halong Bay with our partners at Hai Au Aviation for a one-of-a-kind experience!

We’re celebrating 20 years of operation with a whole slew of events, getting ready to launch brand new tours to countries further afield (stay tuned for updates!) and spreading our love of travel to new audiences via our two newest platforms, Pinterest and Instagram. In usual Buffalo Tours’ fashion, we’re finding new and innovative ways to help you experience the wonderful mosaic of cultures, colours and people in Southeast Asia, a region that we proudly call our home.

Ha Long Bay from up high

But apart from continuing on our quest to help the world discover Southeast Asia, 2014 is a game-changing year for our team. Why? Because this year, we’re proudly partnering with Hai Au Aviation in creating a journey that is not only unique and extraordinary, but an unparalleled experienced in Vietnam.

On September 8th of this year, Buffalo Tours launched our brand new seaplane adventures over Halong Bay, Vietnam’s most famous natural wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only is this one of the most extraordinary ways to experience one of Vietnam’s most iconic destinations, but it’s also the very first time that a private aviation company is taking on high-flying travel and tourism in Vietnam.

rice field from up high

Instead of braving a four-hour bus journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay, the new seaplane journey is 30 spectacular minutes of taking in northern Vietnam’s most incredible scenery from 1600 meters, with an epic culmination: landing directly into the bay’s water. Forget waiting in line at the busy Halong port – from the aircraft, you’ll board a small boat to sail toward L’Azalee (our very own luxury junk) as it spends the next two days sailing through limestone islets and through the bay’s countless beaches, caves and karsts.

To say the very least, our team has been eagerly anticipating this new dawn in tourism for Vietnam for quite a while.  Since Hai Au Aviation began their journey in Vietnam’s skies in 2011, it’s been an exciting and challenging three years, but finally, we’re taken off! And although we’ve spent nearly two decades exploring Halong Bay, this new venture marks the beginning of a very exciting future for Buffalo Tours and our partners.

We’re excited to be a part of this future, but more than anything, we’re excited for you to experience it, too!

seaplane halong bay

In partnership with Hai Au Aviation, our newest Halong Bay experiences are more than just luxury travel — it’s an exclusive and completely unrivaled travel experience in Vietnam, and it takes luxury to adventurous new heights. But don’t take our word for it! See how our 2-day seaplane and luxury junk excursions into Halong Bay could be part of your next world travel adventure.

Want more details? Get more information on Hai Au Aviation by visiting their websiteWe’re constantly finding new ways to experience Southeast Asia with you. For up-to-date stories about all of our new adventures and experiences in Southeast Asia, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!



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