Buffalo Tours photography expert Alex Stephan seeks to inspire the adventurer in all of us! Journey through his favourite places to explore with the help of his dynamic and beautiful photos, and get a taste of Asia.

Walled off from the rest of the world for the better part of half a century, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) exists in a different era. Shielded from the effects of globalisation that have swept through its neighboring nations, Myanmar’s turbulent past set the country on a trajectory that moved at a decidedly slower timeline.

This insulation lends Myanmar the aura of a time-shift that transports visitors to an era when commuting is still by muscle and hoof and the digital era has yet to take hold. Rather than having their faces buried in their smartphones, Myanmar is still very much a place where human interaction is personal, and where a smile or gesture of kindness is still far more meaningful than a “tweet” or “poke”.

Burma is a place to unplug – for tapping into your inner explorer and for connecting with local people. In these ways, Myanmar offers a richly rewarding experience that is distinct from anything else on the planet. These photos are a window into a world that’s been all but forgotten in this day and age.

Burma boy

Burma girl in classroom

Burma monk Myanmar

Burma girl in market

young monk Burma

young Burma girl in temple

elderly man Myanmar Burma

young monk in Myanmar

Burma small girls

man in Inle Lake Burma

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