Take a glimpse into the diversity, culture and traditions of Southeast Asia with our In Photos series. Be inspired to explore this beautiful region with the help of a few snapshots from our resident travel expert Karen Hewell.

Southeast Asia might be home to dozens of languages, but there is one language that is universal — happiness. Take a look at our photo gallery of the many beaming faces of Southeast Asia, as we explore this beautiful region not just by visiting the sights, but by meeting the people. Here’s some of our favourite smiles captured along the way.

laos_luang-prabang-morning-market-smiling woman

laos_vientieane-smiling woman-market

burma-smiling elderly woman

buffalo_angkor-smiling monk

thai-lan-chiang-rai-locals-smiling child girl

chiang-rai-thailand-smiling ethnic woman

smiling elderly man

Ready to venture to the land of smiles? Let us design a tailor-made travel experience for you, and discover for yourself what makes Southeast Asia smile.




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