Indonesia travel guide

With more than 17,000 islands to choose from, planning a beach vacation in Indonesia is both incredibly easy and incredibly hard. It’s easy because you can find beautiful beaches just about anywhere in the country. The difficulty is in choosing one and, beyond the white, pink and black sand beaches, what else is there to do?

Maybe the ocean is calling, so where are the best dive spots? Maybe its some adventure you seek, up the steep slopes of a volcano? Or maybe you’d like to immerse yourself in the fascinating cultures of these uniquely different islands?

Our Indonesia experts are here to demystify the vast island nation and help you to find your perfect island paradise with this guide to island-hopping Indonesia.


Island-Hopping-Guide-to-indonesiaTo discover more of what Indonesia has to offer check out our full guide to the nation of Islands here. Or keen to plan your trip right away? Talk with one of our experts today to customise your very own island hopping Indonesia trip.


  1. I am so happy having found this informative blog. I am blown away by the amount of information that can be found here. I live and work in Koh Samui, Thailand for 12 years now but still love to travel. Indonesia is my second love in Asia. Now I can’t wait for the next low season to come.

    Thank you :o)


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