Buffalo Tours’ own Joanne Craig shares her experience trekking to Mai Chau, a rugged and picturesque landscape in the beautiful north of Vietnam.

In the rural region south of the capital city, Vietnam’s Mai Chau District is right off of a postcard. Verdant valleys, lush foliage and friendly ethnic minority locals make this one of the most colourful places to visit in the entire country. The best way to explore the area is by foot – but it doesn’t come without a challenge.

Through the eyes of one of Buffalo Tours’ own, set off on a two-day trekking adventure into the great outdoors. Local homes, tasty set lunches and lots of hiking is in store for this unforgettable journey into the great outdoors.


Day One

“The journey out of Hanoi started early – and as there so often is in tropical Vietnam, there was the threat of rain in the sky. My fellow colleagues and I were excited to start our adventure – a trek to Mai Chau, well known for its clean air, beautiful scenery and minority people. Leaving the city behind, we travelled along the major highway for about two hours, watching the scenery change from busy streets into lush green fields. After a short coffee stop to stretch out legs, we continued to Mai Chau and a Thai minority village for lunch.”


“A delicious lunch was prepared by Ms. Mai, the owner of the restaurant, and we were surprised to see a famous Vietnam rock band Buc Tuong (The Wall) sitting behind us. After a few photos and autographs, we took a short walk around the village and saw the local Thai handicrafts.

Next, we travelled to the start point of our trek and began walking the eight kilometre route along a paved road to get to the Hang Kia Village, where we stayed with a local family overnight. It was so nice to have a hot shower and sit down to another tasty dinner cooked by our host family. We even had some of the local rice wine!”


Day Two

“The next day, we were woken up very early to prepare for our trek down the mountain. After a breakfast of noodle soup, we said goodbye to our host family and started with a walk through the village until we reached a jungle path. This was where the fun and adventure of the trek began!

One-by-one, we walked down the steep, rocky, narrow path, over logs and branches, through mud and thorn bushes until we reached a large clearing. It was quite difficult but the panoramic views of the mountains made it worthwhile.

After a short rest break to admire the view, the remainder of the trek was easy very going, walking along paths and through lovely green rice fields. We arrived at a local restaurant for lunch, where we took off our muddy boots and massaged our sore feet!  On the drive back to Hanoi we stopped at a local market to buy seasonal fruit as gifts for family and friends.  Then, tired and happy from a great weekend we arrived back at the office in Hanoi.”


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