Most of us could write for days and days about the experiences on our travels, but nothing captures the adventure and discovery of a journey in Asia quite like a photo. It’s part of why we’re inviting you to share your favourite travel memories with a photo and story with the #MyAsia Photo Contest – but most of all, it’s one of our favourite ways to see how people around the world discover their own slice of Asia – even if those are veteran travellers!

This month in our Stories From the Road series, we caught up with four more of our favourite travel bloggers and asked them: What’s your favourite travel photo, and why? From strange vehicles to local encounters, these are some of the stories behind the snapshots in Asia – and why each of them hold a special place in the memories of intrepid explorers!

Irene and Jerry

More Time To Travel

More time to travel

“Visiting China for the first time we were struck by the juxtaposition of old and new in many cities. Beijing, its capital, has developed rapidly with modern skyscrapers dominating the largely vertical downtown business district. But some of the hutongs in older neighborhoods—mazes of narrow streets, alleys and passageways—date back more than 700 years to the Yuan Dynasty. Many residents live the same way their ancestors did generations ago. But here too, gentrification and globalization are taking hold. Seeing this unusual Amazon delivery vehicle seemed to encapsulate the changes taking place, even within the hutongs.”

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Shaun Robertson

This Life in Trips

Monk and his dog

“I had the pleasure of hanging out with this monk for a day in Koh Samui, Thailand. Although the picture doesn’t show it, he was quite stern and a bit reserved. That is, until we visited the dog he had to give up when he became a monk. The absolute joy and love between man and his best friend was heartwarming to say the least. Then he found out she was pregnant. This was one of my favourite moments from my whole RTW trip, and reminded me to never judge a book by its cover.”

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Barbara Ann Weibel

Hole in the Donut

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market - deep fried food

“Thailand has always been one of my favorite destinations, for the vivid colors, the unique culture, and the gentleness of the Thai people. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market offers all three at once, so it is a place I always recommend as a “not-to-be-missed” stop. Located just outside of Bangkok, this market features hundreds of Thais paddling around in their flat-bottom wooden boats, offering to sell everything from food to clothing to visitors. It’s quite amazing what these peddlers can do while balancing in a boat – some even prepare deep fried foods in giant woks. The spectacle is a feast for the eyes, but arrive early and hungry in order to try all the Thai delicacies on offer.”

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 Jonathan Look Jr.

Life Part 2

“Early one morning while visiting Don Khong Island in the 4,000 Islands region of southern Laos, I came upon these monks walking barefoot along the Mekong River with their “begging bowls”. It had rained the night before and the fog from the river combined with the long shadows from the just rising sun, worked in harmony to make this image. I have always been inspired by different cultures, but before I retired and began my travels, I never imagined how many versions there are of this wonderful thing we call life.”

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