What's happening in Asia?

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Asia’s Best Summer Events in 2016

Summer in Asia hosts some of the best, brightest and most energetic cultural festivals of the year! Check out our lineup of the best festivals and events to see in summer 2016. What’s on in Asia this summer? Like almost every year, there’s a lot to look forward to for the summer season in our […]

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6 Unforgettable Cruises in Asia for 2016

  • Monday, 22 February 2016
  • Asia

The hot way to explore Asia this year is with a cruise! For this year, we’ve got our roundup of the best Asia river cruises for 2016 – and what makes each of them special. Travellers to Asia are usually faced with a conundrum: after making such a lengthy journey to this exotic and fascinating region, […]

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Is it Safe to Travel to Asia in 2016?

With many of Asia’s top destinations making it into the news in late 2015 and early 2016, we break down what travellers need to know about safety throughout our destinations in Asia this year. Safety – it’s one of the Buffalo team’s top priorities for travellers who explore Asia with us. Alongside creating culturally-immersive experiences, we […]

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#ChangeTravelChangeLives – How To Travel Differently in 2016

Our new Year’s Resolutions this year are all about changing travel – and changing lives – for the better. Here’s what we’re committing to doing in 2016, and how you can be a part of it, too! Travel has a way of changing our lives for the better. It opens our minds to new experiences, […]

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