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5 Best Diving Spots in Asia

There are few sights as beautiful as a clear blue ocean viewed from a white sand beach, but often the true beauty is hidden just beneath the surface. Visitors to the best diving spots in Asia experience an otherworldly realm below the waves, full of colourful coral reefs teeming with fascinating and diverse marine life. Whether […]

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Responsible Luxury: Best Nature Lodges and Eco-Resorts in Asia

What could be more enjoyable than a relaxing holiday in a secluded lodge, surrounded by fascinating wildlife and spectacular scenery? If you can have world-class luxury accommodation, that is both eco-friendly and supports animal conservation at the same time, then we think you are off to a good start. That is why we have prepared […]

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Malaysia's Most Incredible Sealife and Where to Find It

Diving in Malaysia is often overlooked – but with its endless array of marine life and dive sites, it really shouldn’t be. We explored the depths of Malaysia along with its many creatures that call it home. Malaysia is not often considered as a first choice for scuba diving with locations like Fiji, Florida and Mexico earning the top […]

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