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Tales from the Trails

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Travel in Vietnam

If you are looking for the perfect combination of culture, relaxation and adventure, then Vietnam offers one of the most unique luxury travel experiences in Southeast Asia. From the elegant heritage hotels of Hanoi and Saigon, to the exotic mystique of Halong Bay and Vietnam’s exclusive island resorts, luxury travel in Vietnam provides the perfect […]

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A Guide to Interesting Neighbourhoods in South East Asia

A Quick Buffalo Tours Guide to Interesting Neighbourhoods in South East Asia Off the beaten track travel doesn’t just mean donning hiking boots and finding yourself surrounded by nature, without another soul in sight. We’re here to tell you how to get off the beaten track in some of South East Asia’s largest cities, where […]

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Extravagant Asia: Best Heritage Hotels in Indochina

Step back in time to an era of adventure and romance, in a world where opulent palaces, mysterious temples, and luxurious colonial mansions combine to create an atmosphere of incomparable extravagance. Experience a golden age of travel, during a time when celebrities, diplomats and royalty mingled in the magnificent chandeliered ballrooms of the grand hotels of the Far […]

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Introducing Master Class: An Exclusive Look at the Hanoi Art Scene

Inspired by the masters of Asia and with a goal to give travellers truly unique memories, the Buffalo Tours team is excited to introduce a brand new line of exclusive travel experiences. Master Class connects in country experts with travellers eager to leave Asia with awareness, familiarity and skills. Resident writer Jade discovers what makes […]

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