What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

5 Street Food Tips for Safely Savouring the Flavours of Asia

Street food is an important aspect of anyone’s travels to Asia. Not only is it widespread, locally sourced, produced and consumed, it reflects longstanding culture and culinary tradition. There are a variety of informal instructions that can be followed, or safety rules for keeping a happy tummy, however, we’ve condensed it down to 5 easy […]

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A Day in the Life of a Novice Monk in Laos

It is estimated that about 1 in 3 male Laotians join a monastery for at least some period of their lives, ranging from a few months or years to an entire lifetime. Most novices enter monastic life at an early age, learning the ancient chants and sutras, while also attending a regular school with a […]

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15 Facts About Fireworks in Asia

Source It is common knowledge that Asia is the ancestral home of fireworks. Throughout the region, these fabulous displays of light, colour and sound have been an integral part of culture, tradition and religion for hundreds, even thousands of years. With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, Buffalo Tours brings you this list of 15 amazing facts […]

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Travel Tips Infographic: 6 Ways to Learn Through Travel

6 Easy Ways You Can Learn Through Travel Your bags are packed and you’re headed out the door – what are you looking forward to for this upcoming trip? Are you excited to try out new sizzling dishes, visit new sites and escape reality, if only for a little while? When you travel, the opportunity […]

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