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Tales from the Trails

Glamping Asia: 7 Amazing Luxury Tented Camps in Asia

For many, the hotel is one of the most important elements of a trip but choosing one can often be overwhelming. In Asia, there is so much choice at every different level of luxury and we have undertaken the task of finding the crème de la crème so you don’t have to spend hours scouring […]

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5 Best Hotel Bars in Asia

Deco Bar & Bistro – The Siam – Bangkok This chic and contemporary bar in the heart of Bangkok is worth mentioning for the décor alone. Inspired by Thailand’s Art Deco period, this hip venue screams jazz-era sophistication and decadence. The Deco Bar & Bistro not only serves a wide range of wine and cocktails, […]

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Extravagant Asia: Best Heritage Hotels in Indochina

Step back in time to an era of adventure and romance, in a world where opulent palaces, mysterious temples, and luxurious colonial mansions combine to create an atmosphere of incomparable extravagance. Experience a golden age of travel, during a time when celebrities, diplomats and royalty mingled in the magnificent chandeliered ballrooms of the grand hotels of the Far […]

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10 Best Hotels for Couples in Asia

Diamonds are overrated. Flowers and chocolate are cliché. If you really want to give the love of your life the ultimate token of your affection, then nothing can compare to surprising him or her with a romantic getaway to one of Asia’s most exotic and alluring destinations. To assist you with your romantic endeavors, we have prepared a list of […]

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11 of Asia’s Best Wellness Retreats

With thousands of years of experience in traditional healing practices and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, Asia is truly a special place to take a wellness retreat. Whether this means a total body cleanse, a yoga course or simply spending every day in the spa, it’s up to you. We’ve created this […]

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