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Tales from the Trails

Superlative Asia: The Biggest and Best of the Region in One Infographic

At Buffalo Tours we could spend all day discussing how Asia has the best beaches and the most beautiful temples, or the tastiest street food. After all, we have 22 years experience uncovering all this incredible region has to offer and showing the very best of it to our clients. But rather than wax lyrical for 1,000 […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Island Hopping Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands to choose from, planning a beach vacation in Indonesia is both incredibly easy and incredibly hard. It’s easy because you can find beautiful beaches just about anywhere in the country. The difficulty is in choosing one and, beyond the white, pink and black sand beaches, what else is there to do? […]

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Travel Tips Infographic: 6 Ways to Learn Through Travel

6 Easy Ways You Can Learn Through Travel Your bags are packed and you’re headed out the door – what are you looking forward to for this upcoming trip? Are you excited to try out new sizzling dishes, visit new sites and escape reality, if only for a little while? When you travel, the opportunity […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Laos

  • Wednesday, 30 March 2016
  • Laos

Laos is a perfect country for explorers, from ancient caves to awe-inspiring waterfalls and idyllic banks of the Mekong to mysterious forests. If you’re looking for an adventure, tourism in Laos is a good place to start. Laos is packed with glorious natural landmarks and pristine untouched landscapes. The country boasts some of the best waterfalls in Asia, […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Myanmar

Tourism in Myanmar is a mystery to many travellers as the country only recently opened its doors to visitors. For delicious cuisine, untainted natural beauty and friendly locals, now is the time to visit Myanmar! As the nation of Myanmar only recently began to welcome tourists, it is still relatively undiscovered and offers a certain untainted charm unique in […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Singapore

If you fancy a stunning metropolis of modern Asian culture, luxurious attractions and tropical flora, Singapore is the place to be. Learn the basics of travel in this unique country with our online Singapore Tour Guide. Singapore is an unusual country, not only is it the world’s only sovereign island city-state, it is also home to all manners of […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Cambodia

Thinking of exploring a land of fascinating history and intriguing culture? Cambodia should be at the top of your list of destinations. Take a look at this illustrated Cambodia guide to help you plan your trip. Cambodia is located in a perfect position for those who want to explore more than one area of Southeast Asia. The […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Thailand

Dreaming of Thailand? You aren’t alone! For the top tips for first-time travellers to Thailand, we’ve rounded up all there is to know in one easy guide. While every country in Southeast Asia has attributes making them both amazing and distinct, Thailand has always been Southeast Asia’s “golden child” when it comes to travel – […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Vietnam

Considering a trip to Vietnam? We’ve saved you a bit of time by compiling this list of Vietnam travel tips in an infographic form to help you plan for your trip! Vietnam is a small yet captivating country, offering travellers an exciting mix of adventure and culture. The country’s natural wonders span from the mountainous north […]

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