What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

Packing for Summer in Asia

Summer in Asia is not just hot, but usually unfathomably humid too. Most countries in Asia, being highly spiritual nations, are also quite conservative. So, when it comes to packing for summer in Asia, how do you stay cool and respectful at the same time? Here are a few tips from our diverse team of […]

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Responsible Travel Packing: Small Changes that Make a Big Difference

At Buffalo Tours we are committed to responsible travel. Whether we are conducting an audit of South East Asia’s Elephant Camps or choosing to eat in restaurants that go the extra mile, we are always striving to be better travellers to help the places we travel in. And we know that you care about responsible […]

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Commonly Forgotten Packing Essentials for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia can be a tricky place to pack for with different climates, cultures and activities across the region. We’ve put together a list of packing essentials that should be in every suitcase en-route to Asia. You’ve got your sunglasses, swimsuit and flipflops, but what else do you need to pack for a trip to Southeast Asia? We’ve […]

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