What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

Southeast Asia by Plane, Train and Sea

If you have ever read Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, then you might have imagined yourself as a modern-day Phileas Fogg, travelling to exotic locales using ingenious modes of transportation. Today, travelling is easier than ever before: all you need is a plane ticket or fare for a taxi, but where […]

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5 Unique Things to Do in Phuket Beyond the Resorts

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest and busiest island and has long been considered the quintessential ‘beach vacation’ in the country. As tourism in Phuket has grown and the beaches are taken over by big name resorts, many believe it has lost some of that Thai island magic along the way. However, at Buffalo Tours, we pride […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Thailand

Dreaming of Thailand? You aren’t alone! For the top tips for first-time travellers to Thailand, we’ve rounded up all there is to know in one easy guide. While every country in Southeast Asia has attributes making them both amazing and distinct, Thailand has always been Southeast Asia’s “golden child” when it comes to travel – […]

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