What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

Responsible Travel in Cambodia with Panya Thin

Take a peek behind the scenes at Buffalo Tours and meet Panya Thin, our Regional General Manager for Japan, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. An advocate for responsible travel in Cambodia, he talks about his journey in the industry, successful leadership and shares his thoughts on sustainable, community-based tourism. […]

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Responsible Travel and Child Protection in Asia

While tourism can provide a vehicle for economic growth and positive societal change, it can also have an adverse effect on local communities if we do not act responsibly. Some of the major issues contributing to the endangerment of children include the rise in child labour, begging, orphanage tourism, volunteer tourism and the sexual exploitation […]

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The Story of Seuang River, Laos

Some 80 km from the UNESCO listed town of Luang Prabang, sitting between 2 rivers and surrounded by mountains and farmland is the Pak Xeng District. More than 22,000 people call the area home; 70% are native Khmu, while smaller groups of ethnic Lao Lum and Hmong make up the minority. When Graham Harper, who […]

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6 Asia Itineraries With a Responsible Travel Twist

Searching for the perfect itinerary in Asia that you can feel good about? These awesome Asia itinerary choices for responsible travellers puts a premium on feel-good travel. This is our list of top Asia tour alternatives that do travel differently. Asia has gone from the backpacker destination of choice to the perfect getaway for families, honeymoons and […]

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