What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

Superlative Asia: The Biggest and Best of the Region in One Infographic

At Buffalo Tours we could spend all day discussing how Asia has the best beaches and the most beautiful temples, or the tastiest street food. After all, we have 22 years experience uncovering all this incredible region has to offer and showing the very best of it to our clients. But rather than wax lyrical for 1,000 […]

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Buffalo Behind the Scenes: The Client Experience

Here on the Buffalo Blog we use our expert knowledge to help you seek out the real Asia. Whether that’s through telling the story of our tours or giving you insight into the travel tips we’ve learnt along the way. But what does it really feel like to travel with Buffalo Tours? We sat down with one of our […]

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6 of the Best Language Learning Tips for Travelling in Asia

  • Thursday, 04 August 2016
  • Asia

Our most recent infographic was all about ways to learn while travelling. In that list we talk about learning the local language. Now, this is not just a way to put your mind to work but is obviously incredibly useful for travel itself. Learning a few phrases in the local language can make all the difference in […]

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Keeping Fit While Travelling: Tips from the Experts

You’re on vacation, far from work and schedules, and you want to treat yourself. You deserve it, right? We agree! Yet it’s all too easy to go overboard with your splurges and before you know it you come back home feeling worse than you did when you left. We sat down with the experts in travel […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A Guide to Travel: Laos

  • Wednesday, 30 March 2016
  • Laos

Laos is a perfect country for explorers, from ancient caves to awe-inspiring waterfalls and idyllic banks of the Mekong to mysterious forests. If you’re looking for an adventure, tourism in Laos is a good place to start. Laos is packed with glorious natural landmarks and pristine untouched landscapes. The country boasts some of the best waterfalls in Asia, […]

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6 Asia Itineraries With a Responsible Travel Twist

Searching for the perfect itinerary in Asia that you can feel good about? These awesome Asia itinerary choices for responsible travellers puts a premium on feel-good travel. This is our list of top Asia tour alternatives that do travel differently. Asia has gone from the backpacker destination of choice to the perfect getaway for families, honeymoons and […]

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Is it Safe to Travel to Asia in 2016?

With many of Asia’s top destinations making it into the news in late 2015 and early 2016, we break down what travellers need to know about safety throughout our destinations in Asia this year. Safety – it’s one of the Buffalo team’s top priorities for travellers who explore Asia with us. Alongside creating culturally-immersive experiences, we […]

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