What's happening in Asia?

Tales from the Trails

Top 5 Best Fusion Foods in Asia

Asia is known for having some of the best food in the world. Whether you prefer spicy Malaysian curry, healthy Thai salads, or flavourful Vietnamese noodles, this region has something for everyone. Trade and migration between countries, as well as the cultural influences of colonialism, have created many foods that combine the best of both […]

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The Art of Drinking: Seeking out Asia’s Best Brews

There are some beverages that are synonymous with Asia- think Sake in Japan and the Singapore Sling in its namesake city-state. Yet, the continent is not considered a leader in the art of brewing and distilling. In fact, many travellers will attest to Asia’s proficiency for cheap tasteless beer and its deadly obsession with rice wine. Well, […]

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Introducing Master Class: Exclusive Encounters in Asia

Inspired by the masters of Asia and with a goal to give travellers truly unique memories, the Buffalo Tours team is excited to introduce a brand new line of exclusive travel experiences. Welcome to Master Class. Discerning travellers are looking for more. They are looking to go deeper and experience those truly ‘once in a […]

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Not Just for Kids: 4 Awesome Workshops to Try in Asia (For Grown Ups!)

Learning during your travels isn’t just for kids! Check out our roundup of unique, inspiring and culturally-focused workshops to try for your next trip to Asia. Let’s be honest – few of us would consider putting a workshop or class on our list of things to do during a holiday in Asia. When we think […]

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Asia’s Most Unexpected Destinations for Wine Lovers

Italy and France aren’t the only destinations a world-travelling wine lover should have on their bucket list. We explored three of our favourite unexpected Asian wine destinations, with the help of our own wine connoisseur! Earthen-yellow fields sewn with precise rows of grapevines stretch across rolling rock-strewn hills to the horizon. Mere meters away is […]

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Stories from the Road: The Making of an Incredible Journey

We all know how the makings for a good journey – proper planning, well-timed arrivals and smart packing. But what takes a good journey to another level? What makes a good journey, a great journey?  Sometimes, the answer to that question is best left to the experts – travel bloggers who spend lots of time […]

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