This impressively diverse coastal nations is famous for it’s incredible destinations. But there’s also plenty of unique activities well worth doing to truly experience this beautiful place. See firsthand just how much adventure awaits in Vietnam with this list of the Top 10 things to do!

Eat Your Way Through Vietnam

Vietnamese food is internationally recognized for it’s culinary uniqueness, fresh ingredients and aromatic flavours.  From the Northern staples to the fringes of the Delta, the variety of dishes is incredible and well worth the gander! Check out the top dishes worth trying for 2015 here, and start your palate-based adventure. It can all begin with a strong cup of caphe

Wander Around the Tombs of Hue

Hue, the former capital during the Nguyen Dynasty, lies in the centre of Vietnam. Famous for it’s central citadel, there’s a la lot of sights to discover. However, wandering the Mausoleums is a must. With spacious interior gardens, traditional structures and immense stone tombs, it’s an impressive relic of imperial Vietnam, world’s away from the present.

Explore the Hidden Districts of Saigon

Whether on foot or with a cyclo ride, there’s plenty to discover just outside the central districts of Saigon. Away from the tourist hub of District 1, you can find an incredible variety of sights, smells and sounds. Venture to Cho Lon, also known as Chinatown, one of the largest and oldest districts of its kind in the world. Venture along the industrial riverside which is still in development, so it lends an air of calm and a new perspective to this frenetic city. When travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, be sure to get out of your comfort and do the unexpected!

Glide Along the Mekong Delta

Known as Vietnam’s “rice bowl“, the south has diverse vegetative life and rugged landscape. Cruising along is the perfect way to explore life along the riverbanks. Get lost in the labyrinth of canals lined with agriculture plots or a mangrove forest, and be sure to see the floating markets in full swing at the crack of dawn. Drifting down these waterways is an obvious choice for the top things to do in Vietnam!

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Beyond the Beach in Nha Trang

Beachside bliss in Nha Trang is an easy find! But the coastal city also has a ton of awesome things to see and discover. From marine ecological parks on islands in the pristine blue waters to the ruins of the Cham, a populations once spread throughout south central Vietnam. You can step into the past, snorkel into the blue and discover the charm of local fishing culture, all with some fresh seafood!

Trek the Mountains of Sapa

Sapa was once a colonial hill station, that is now a tourist must-see for any Vietnam adventure. The mountainous town located in the Northwest of Vietnam, known for its picturesque scenery that includes rolling green valleys, ethnic minority villages, bamboo forests and patchwork terraced fields. See firsthand local life at Lau Chai village and the bustle of the Sunday market in Bac Ha. From Tram Ton Pass, also known as the Gate to the Sky, Vietnam’s highest mountain pass to a climb up Fansipan Mountain, the possibilities for incredible views and great photos are endless in Sapa making it one of the top things to do in Vietnam!


Meander Around Hoi An

For a few hundred years, Hoi An was the trade centre of Vietnam. Portuguese, Japanese, French and others docked to exchange goods, influencing the city’s culture, food and architecture. Now famous for it’s pedestrian friendly cobblestone streets and hundreds of tailor shops, there’s tons of activities in this charming riverside city. Rent a bicycle and cruise past rice paddies to surrounding villages and the serene coastline. Wander around the hidden ancient ruins of My Son just outside of the city and be sure to nab a bowl of cau lon at the central market back in town!

Take a Drive Up Hai Van Pass

Made internationally famous on the popular UK show “Top Gear,” Heaven’s Pass is a must for anyone travelling the Vietnamese coastline. One of the undisputed top things to do in Vietnam, this route from Hoi An to Hue has breathtaking vistas of the mountainside overlooking the bay. Not to mention abandoned bullet hole marked bunkers from the war, its a marvel well worth the stop!

Kayak and Rock Climb in Halong Bay

This iconic destination needs no introduction. This World Heritage Site of thousands of islands descending into the waters is synonymous with Vietnam. However, one may not expect just how much adventurous fun awaits there! Kayaking around jungle covered karsts and through small grottoes is totally invigorating. The only thing that could top it is climbing up these immense volcanic rock formations and be perched above the bay for a stupendous view. If you’d like, take it all in with a ride in our seaplane for the most astounding vista of the bay!


Ride a Cyclo in The Old Quarter

Hanoi is a hectic place. Brimming with people, food stands, motorbikes, wandering vendors, it’s a maze fit for exploring but at times, overwhelming. But, one of the best ways to see its historic Old Quarter is kicked back in a cyclo! This rickshaw is a pedal powered and weaves you though the chaos, so you can relax and look at the crumbling french architecture and marvel at the Vietnamese pavement culture come to life.


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