At approximately 7.10pm on Monday, August 17th, an explosion near Erawan Shrine in central Bangkok resulted in injuries and casualties of both locals and tourists. The following day, a second bomb was thrown from a bridge toward a nearby pier frequented by visitors – this bomb detonated in the water without causing harm to bystanders.

After these tragic events in Bangkok, many bound for the Thai capital are understandably concerned about what this could mean for their travel arrangements and safety. As always, the Buffalo team is here to help make visitors’ experience in Bangkok safe and enjoyable, while keeping safety as a top priority.

Before traveling to Bangkok, this is what each traveler should know.

Shops, cafes and hotels operating as normal

The Tourism Authority of Thailand announced that while police and army presence around the city will be heightened, other companies like banks, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and public transport systems remain open and operational. Buffalo Tours will continue running tours within Bangkok, but the team on the ground is closely monitoring the situation to make changes to itineraries and travel plans when needed.

Follow local authorities’ instructions

With greater police presence around the city, visitors to Thailand should follow local authorities’ instructions during their stay. While travellers should not expect vastly heightened procedures in the coming weeks, police and army officials around the city are aiding in ensuring a safe environment for everyone in the city.

Travel advisories

So far, the British, Australia and U.S. Embassies in Thailand have not issued any advisories against travelling to Bangkok. Embassy personnel have instructed visitors to review their personal security plans, remain aware of their surroundings and monitor local news stations closely for changes. Buffalo Tours’ team is in close contact with our travellers to adjust, change and aid in issues relating to travel on the ground. Additionally, our social media channels will continue to update on changes in the city as they arise.

Connect with family and friends on social media

Buffalo Tours suggests that visitors to Thailand remain active on their personal social media accounts regularly, to ensure friends and family back home that they are okay. For the fastest updates on events in the country, friends and families of travellers can follow along with either Buffalo Tours own social media, or with social media accounts of the local embassies in Bangkok.

Currency exchange rates

The recent attacks have made an already vulnerable Thai baht fall to the lowest rate since 2009. These changes only occurred within the last few days, so travellers not yet in Bangkok or Thailand are advised to check updated exchange rates before their trip. This will help mitigate any currency issues while in Thailand.

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