This article was shared by one of Buffalo Tours‘ beloved travellers from the UK after travelling on a multi-country tour with us in December 2012. 


Holiday low lights – What holiday low lights?

Holiday highlights – how long have you got? In no particular order we have:

Saigon – buzzing

Cu chi tunnels – eye opening

Luang Prabang – relax man, whats the hurry – go to the waterfalls and swim in the wild. Enervating

Dragon Junk – better in summer me thinks but thanks for getting us on the exclusive ship – great food and we felt really special – fab

Phnom Penh – feel good city, go there before its just another Bangkok. Loved it and we will be back

Tuon Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh – humbling but unmissable

Angkor Wat – jaw dropping, best bit is the unrestored tomb raider temple

Siem Reap – lively and enjoyable

Mekong Delta – interesting but tiring – no time to stop, hurry scurry, keep up

The sights and sounds of indochina – unmissable

But more than anything – the people

Would I recommend it – absolutely, every little bit

Was the itinerary right – yep although given how misty and cold Halong Bay was I think ideally we would do north Vietnam as a separate holiday later in the year

Favourite country – Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia

New favourite destination – Phnom Penh


Every single bit of the holiday went smoothly (notwithstanding my plane related whinges) and did you know we would feel like Brad  and Angelina being personally escorted where everyone else was in parties? We especially liked stepping onto the junk on the Mekong (for a cooking demo and meal as we drifted down towards Can Tho) and seeing three tables – two large ones for a big party and one small one at the head of the boat for 2 VIP’s – big smiles).Good work people.

And finally big up Buffalo Tours. Brilliant guides, great meals, great locations, top local knowledge and just generally the icing on the cake.

– Mr Smyth, travelled with us in December 2012 –


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