What does it feel like to explore Hanoi, Vietnam with us? We went behind-the-scenes with one of our travellers to experience our Hanoi city highlights and food tour from his point of view!

After you’ve settled into the excitement and utter chaos of Hanoi, you’ll begin to discover what makes this a spectacular travel destination. Fabulous street food, chatty locals and fascinating history are all some of the things that make Vietnam’s capital city so great! So great, in fact, that we want to show you firsthand. The best way to do it? Through the eyes of one of our travellers just like you! Check out our Hanoi city tour in the video.

Want more? Check out the city’s Top Vintage Cafes and Restaurants from one of our experts!

Ready to explore Vietnam? We can help you get there! See all of our Vietnam tours and get in touch with our experts that created this (and many more) in-depth cultural tours. 

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Thuong Le might be the SEO expert for Buffalo Tours, but when he takes time off from behind the computer screen, he’s most likely found exploring Vietnam and beyond. Equal parts adventurer and tech-nerd, Thuong loves finding new things to share on Buffalo Tours’ travel blog.


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