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Abroad for the holidays? Vietnam’s capital city is a great place to celebrate! We scoured our favourite city for the best spots to get into the holiday spirit.

Although winter holidays aren’t as popular in Vietnam as they are in countries on the other side of the world, Hanoi is known for having its fair share of holiday celebrations. Spending time travelling for the holidays can be the ultimate getaway – but for most of us, we’re not ready to completely abandon the holiday traditions. Looking for a way to celebrate like you would at home? This is what’s going on for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Vietnam’s capital city!

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake is not only one of the city’s best hotels, but it’s also home to one of Hanoi’s best New Year’s parties. With parties at not one, but three restaurants at their location, and you’re bound to find something you’re excited about.

Café du Lac

If New Year’s Eve is more about food and great company than New Year’s resolutions and partying, then this decadent (and wonderfully laid back) get together is your perfect way to ring in the new year. Plenty of great food and lots of live music makes this a great place to enjoy the holidays in style.

Price starts from VND 2,500,000++/Adult including free flow of wine


Decidedly cozier than most New Year’s parties, this New Year’s celebration is a festival of food and great views over West Lake. Enjoy a five-course menu and a relaxed ambiance with this one.

Price starts from VND 1,300,000++/Adult including 1 glass of bubbly

Sunset Bar

Get some Christmas shopping done in one of the most festive corners of the city. Plenty of sweet treats, festive pastries and even some Christmas carols, this is a great place to get into the Christmas spirit.

Grand Ballroom

Celebrate Christmas Eve in style with our dedicated family celebration at Grand Ballroom. Experience the ultimate festive buffet of delicious international and local dishes, complemented with exciting entertainment and cheerful live music. Look out for Santa Claus, who’s due an appearance!

Price starts from VND 2,000,000++/Adult including free flow of wine

Sofitel Metropole Hotel

La Beaulieu

At La Beaulieu Restaurant in classy Sofitel Metropole Hotel, the best place to enjoy your fine-dining New Year’s Eve is with a six-course set menu from 7pm. Don’t leave this one until the last minute, though — last order goes in at 10.30pm, and then the champagne comes out!

Note: Pricing includes a glass of champagne (VND 4,510,000). Vegetarian menu (VND 2,035,000) & children’s menu (VND 1,045,000) also available.

Spices Garden

If you’re looking for a nice mix between Vietnamese flavour and Western holiday spirit, the gala dinner at Spices Garden is your perfect choice. Get in your last order before 10.30pm for a five-course set menu, and everything is a tasty mix of Vietnamese specialties and global fare.

Note: Pricing includes live entertainment and a glass of champagne (VND 3,190,000). Vegetarian menu (VND 1,540,000) & children’s menu (VND 1,045,000) also available.

Le Club

Add some excitement to your NYE dinner at Le Club, where a glass of champagne and Jazz goes hand-in-hand. There are two seatings — one beginning at 6pm, the the second at 9pm — and each is the best “dinner and a show” you’ll find in town.

Note: Pricing for second seating includes a glass of champagne and countdown from our Jazz Diva and live Jazz performance. First seating is priced at VND 2,750,000 and second at VND 3,685,000.


Six-course dinner and champagne in order? Head to Angelina for something delicious before you spend the rest of the night making resolutions. If you’ve got a taste for Italian fare, this one is for you.

Note: Pricing includes a glass of champagne (VND 3,685,000). Vegetarian menu (VND 2,000,000) & children’s menu (VND 1,045,000) also available.

Press Club Terrace Bar

Glamorous to say the least, the New Year’s Eve event at Press Club’s Terrace Bar is hands down the most extravagant of the parties in Hanoi. DJ Link Eva and Hot Chicks Band are set to take the stage for the evening, so this one is for those not scared to dance while sipping their champagne.

Let our travel experts at Buffalo Tours plan a unique trip for you to Hanoi this Christmas and New Year! 


  1. New Years Eve 2015.
    All dinners and buffet look very nice and I am sure that the food will be excellent in some places.
    But where do I find a dinner-dance and a count-down as we use to have in the whole of Europe and the UK?
    It seems that the Vietnamese perception of New Years Eve is: Eat, Drink and go home, no matter what time it is.
    Well, you see, what we actually are looking for is a nice environment with good food, good music and a dance floor.
    We would not need entertainment or a children party, as we experienced some years back.
    Just a full-blown real New Years Eve!
    Where would we find this in Hanoi

    • Hi there, Andre! You’re right – the traditional New Year’s countdown isn’t as much of a tradition within Vietnam, as their “New Year” is actually during Tet holiday based on the lunar calendar! That said, lots of bars and clubs throughout urban Vietnam will host major New Year’s parties.

      Though no dates are confirmed yet (still a bit early for many bars and clubs, but we’ll be sure to add them to this list when they are confirmed) some places in HCMC include: Cargo Bar, Blanchy’s Tash, and Broma: Not a Bar.

      In Hanoi (where bars tend to close earlier) the best places to try are: The Bank, Top of Hanoi, Cama ATK and Hanoi Rock City.

      Where will you be in Vietnam during the New Year?


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