Here’s some advice, explore the undiscovered, under developed, unparalleled. Southern Laos offers adventures and beyond for travelers yearning to get off the beaten path!

Largely undiscovered, Southern Laos is a great place to travel if you like stepping off the tourist trail. Lacking somewhat in proper infrastructure, it can be quite an epic getting from one place to another! But the incredible natural beauty waiting to be explored and the local hospitality makes it well worth the effort.

Pakse, the transportation and trade hub of southern Laos, is the gateway to both the Bolaven Plateau and the sublime Four Thousand Islands. The interior behind the Bolavan, covering what is often referred to as the “Remote South” — the provinces of Salavan, Sekong and Attapeu.

Here the Mekong is lazy, awash with islands that feel easy and idyllic. Nine miles wide during monsoon season, the mighty river scatters into an archipelago of thousands of Islands in southern Laos. Known as Si Phan Don, the land of ‘four thousand islands’ only to appears as the water subsides in dry season. These tropical laid back islands are picturesque and offer a great spot to unwind along the river.

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Tropical islands with swaying coconut trees; dirt tracks leading to waterfalls; old temples overlooking the Mekong with monks strolling about and restored French colonial buildings are typical sites in Southern Laos. Not to mention ancient pre-Angkor Khmer ruins like Wat Phu Champasak and the lesser known Um Muang .

Temple of Wat Phou

The capital of Khammuan, Tha Khaek, offers a wide variety of options for exploring! Funky caves and colonial swimming holes to aging French buildings and the relaxed Mekong riverbank. The interior of Khammuan is particularly rewarding for the determined traveller who is willing to strike out into uncharted territory.

Further south lies Savannakhet, where the beret-wearing old men play petanque between the crumbling French colonial buildings — and will happily welcome newcomers to play! It’s also worth following the dirt tracks to explore the national parks for some memorable trekking.

With ancient ruins, cave systems, gorgeous nature and laid back Mekong adventures, it’s worth taking this advice: Southern Laos is well worth exploring!


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