06 October 2016

Buffalo Tours Responsible Travel Awards 2016

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Preserving the natural environment and helping local communities is just as important to us as it is to you. That is why Buffalo Tours is constantly striving to come up with new ideas on how we can be better at having a positive impact on the countries in which we operate.

In this spirit, Buffalo Tours held a competition among our employees to find the best new initiatives in the field of responsible travel. Staff from all over Asia competed with their plans for a sustainable project within their local community.

This year’s winners, in the first ever Buffalo Tours Responsible Travel Awards, were representatives from Bali and Cambodia.

Guide Training School in Indonesia

The first proposal from our Bali office is a training school for guides in Indonesia. The initiative aims to help young adults in rural areas improve their lives by gaining skills and experience in the tourism industry. By providing training and certifications, Buffalo Tours Indonesia hopes to help participants break the cycle of poverty and offer them a career opportunity as a local guide.

Buffalo Tours will provide training facilities, teachers and learning materials. We will also offer an accommodation, allowance and cover the costs of the official certifications for graduating students where necessary. Once potential guides have been officially licensed, they will be offered the opportunity to sign a 1 year contract with Buffalo Tours.

Our hope is that these graduates will eventually be able to function as mentors to other potential guides in their communities and will pass on the values of social responsibility and environmental preservation to a new generation.

This initiative was proposed and presented by Mattheo Bierschneider and Peter Christiansen.

Buffalo Tours Indonesia Tour Guides

Social Enterprises in Cambodia

The second winning proposal is from our Cambodia office, who have already done excellent work supporting socially responsible enterprises and pioneering sustainability in Cambodian tourism. They presented a plan to increase revenue for enterprises that improve living conditions in their local communities. These organisations are providing jobs, education and promoting sustainable development across Cambodia.

Buffalo Tours Cambodia works with several local suppliers such as restaurants, entertainment providers and entrepreneurs, that we believe share our values and commitment to helping communities and preserving the local culture and environment.

One example of such an initiative is the Bayon Pastry School in Siem Reap. This school provides education and training to disadvantaged youth living near the temples in Angkor Wat. Buffalo Tours have partnered with them to offer a delicious breakfast to our clients, with a socially responsible difference, whilst they watch sunrise at the temples.

Buffalo Tours will monitor the development of these local projects and seek to support them by raising awareness among sustainability-conscious travelers.

This proposal was presented by Suy Vet from Cambodia.

Cambodia Elephants Tourist Local

Buffalo Tours Responsible Travel Awards 2017?

We would like to congratulate the winners of 2016 and look forward to monitoring the progress of these very promising initiatives. We hope to be able to support many similar projects in the future and that we receive just as many excellent proposals for our next awards.

As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have. If you know of any local initiatives, charities or projects that you think Buffalo Tours should support, please leave a comment.

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