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Ginger. Chilli. Garlic. Lemongrass. Kaffir Lime. Pepper from Kampot. Pepper from Sichuan. Tomato’s from Inle Lake. Mangoes and star fruit and durian and papaya. Ingredients colliding to create some of the world’s greatest flavours. From the bizarre – fried grasshoppers are a staple in Southern Thailand – to Michelin-starred street hawkers, Asia’s star attraction isn’t what you can see, it’s what you can eat.

Life, in all cultures, revolves around the table. But nowhere is it as omnipresent than in Asia. Take to the streets of Hanoi or Hong Kong, Beijing or Bangkok or Bali and your senses are assaulted. Sizzling woks. Flash fried chillies stinging your eyes. Legs of lamb on a spit, Mongolian-style, on a hutong in Beijing. Sushi recently plucked from the sea served by a chef as talented with a blade as their samurai ancestors.

While local life still revolves around street food, Asia’s next generation is elevating traditional cuisine. Whether infusing international influences from as far afield as Peru to sourcing quality ingredients from farms in New Zealand, Asia offers cuisine on par with their European and North American peers.

Buffalo Tours offers a range of culinary experiences to satisfying every taste bud.


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