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Wealth was once defined by the amount of possessions owned. Today, its calculated by the amount of experiences one collects over a lifetime. One could collect sunsets: atop Mount Fuji, Mount Kinabalu or a crumbling temple in Bagan. One could collect wildlife encounters: pachyderms at Elephant Nature Park or orangutans in Borneo or turtles in the Gili Islands. One could collect adventures: kayaking under the stilted Inthar homes of Inle Lake or catching that first wave in Bali. One could collect smiles or spicy foods or moments of solitude.

These experiences are wind in our sails, propelling us through life. Each new experience is an opportunity to cast off our ignorances, to embrace the unknown, to change for the better. And when the voyage finally ends, we leave behind only footprints. Possessions mean nothing when it all comes to an end. Buffalo Tours embraces the philosophical belief that we should enter and leave the world without possessions, only memories.

Buffalo curates memories.


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