30 June 2016

Enjoy the view

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China has a number of high-altitude landmarks, not to mention plenty of fantastic views from the top. Both cityscapes, countryside and mountainous regions have lots to offer seen from great heights, and there are plenty of places to catch the view.


The mountains, of course, are a great way to enjoy panoramic views of China. Mount E’mei, also known as E’meishan, is an important spiritual location in Leshan. Along with over 100 temples and monasteries, there are incredible hiking trails leading to the Golden Summit which offers great views from the peak.

For those who want a real challenge, it is even possible to climb Mount Everest from the China-side, the tallest mountain in the world! However, most choose to visit the mountain step off, Shigatse, or Everest Base Camp, which respectively have altitudes of 3,800 meters and 5,150 meters.

The Dragon’s Backbone is a less challenging climb which still offers incredible views over the famous Lingji rice terraces of Longsheng. And, although the Bund is not a high-altitude spot, it does offer great panoramic views of Shanghai.


If you plan to take on Mount Everest, the best time to visit tends to be between May and October. But, beware, it will be cold! If you would like to visit some of the lower mountains and viewpoints, spring and autumn are warm and dry, with relatively cool mornings for hiking.

Insider Tip:

Depending on how high you plan to go, you may need some extra layers. Locals often offer a warm clothes rental service at the top of Mount E’mei, but it’s safe to bring something warm yourself, too.


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