14 July 2016

Keeping Fit While Travelling: Tips from the Experts

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You’re on vacation, far from work and schedules, and you want to treat yourself. You deserve it, right? We agree! Yet it’s all too easy to go overboard with your splurges and before you know it you come back home feeling worse than you did when you left.

We sat down with the experts in travel to find ways of keeping fit while travelling, without having to compromise on time and enjoyment!

Here are your top tips for keeping fit while travelling, from the experts!

Tour guide tip:

There is no easier way to experience a destination and stay active than with a walking tour. Wandering a city even for half a day can clock up a serious amount of mileage and you can tick off your must-sees as you go. All the while you’ll barely notice the effort, as you soak in your surroundings and learn about the history and culture of a place.

Check out a handful of our favourite walking tours in Vietnam to get you in the mood for a stroll.

China Beijing Forbidden City Gate

Blogger tip:

Why not go the extra mile, quite literally, by planning a trip around a running event? Blogger Rob from Love and Road has ran in the Paris Marathon and the Angkor Wat Marathon, among others, and runs 3 times a week along with his wife Nat. They say that having the international competition booked really gives them the motivation to run, even while travelling. Taking home a marathon medal stamped with an exotic destination is definitely a unique souvenir!

In fact, the Buffalo Herd did just this when the Iron Man competition came to Vietnam in 2015!

Of course, we aren’t all marathon runners but the new trend of 5k Colour Runs are sweeping the world and would be a really fun way to see a city and meet the locals.

Marathon - keeping fit while travelling
Photo by Love and Road

Traveller tip:

Taking the time to go hiking on your travels is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping fit while travelling. You not only get to work those glutes but you’ll get to immerse yourself in nature and, if you’ve chosen a good trail, get a rewarding view at the end. There’s nothing like getting the feel of a place by viewing it from above. Time your hike with sunset and the reward will be even greater. Oh, and in the heat of Asia, you’ll be guaranteed to break a sweat!

Check out our pick of Asia’s best national parks to get you inspired.

Asia mountain hiking

Local tip:

Don’t be tempted to stick with foods you are familiar with in the hopes of not getting sick, because local food is typically going to be so much better for you. Local food is, more often than not, fresher and healthier than local attempts to recreate western dishes. The latter so often focus heavily on fast food staples and rarely live up to expectations.  Generally, local restaurants will be using locally sourced and seasonable ingredients too, which are great for your immune system. And, of course, local food across Asia is absolutely delicious!

You may notice that a lot of frying occurs in Asian cuisines so why not chat with a local to find their favourite healthy dishes that might not be so common?

Check out this list of Malaysia’s most delicious meals to whet your appetite.

Asia local fruit market

Master tip:

Travelling is an amazing opportunity to try new things, especially those that may not be available to you at home.  For example, one of our new Master Class tours gives you exclusive access to an expert surfer in Bali!

Surfing tests your agility and your balance, and gives you a whole new appreciation of the ocean. It is a feeling that you will keep coming back to time and time again, our master tells us. And where better to try it than in a country with endless beaches, warm waters, great waves and sunshine everyday. Indonesia is the mecca for surfing and everyone can learn through teaching exercises and stretches to help your surfing skills. The experience will certainly be one of your travelling highlights.

Talk with one of our experts to see how you could learn to surf with one of Bali’s pro surfers.

keeping fit while travelling

Keeping fit while travelling doesn’t mean slogging away in a hotel gym and missing out on adventures. As you can see from these expert tips, keeping fit can be an adventure in itself. Grab your hiking shoes, put on your swimsuit, hire a guide, because you have no more excuses!

Do you have any expert tips to add? Let us know in the comments below.


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