25 July 2016

Guide to Souvenirs: Singapore

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Alas, all good things must come to an end. After an unforgettable trip to the Lion City where you bargained your way through Little India, savored the fiery delights of Chinatown and lazily sipped on cocktails as the sun set over the harbor, you can’t help but already feel a little nostalgic. Fortunately, with our help, some of those good memories can be transported back home with you.

While Singapore souvenirs will only allow your friends and family a taste of your experience, that just means that they’ll have to return with you the next time you visit.

singapore sling long bar raffles hotel

Singapore Sling


In the early 1930’s, Raffles bartender Ngiam Tong Boon spun together a concoction like no other before. With a touch of gin, dash of cherry brandy, and drop of orange, lime and pineapple juice, he invented the cocktail now known as the Singapore Sling, the token drink of the city state.

Take a seat at the Raffles Long Bar, the original home of the iconic drink, and taste it for yourself. Or try your hand at making it yourself with an expert on our exclusive Master Class tour.

If you find that you fancy the widely celebrated cocktail, why not pocket a small bottle to bring home? Simply shake it up a bit, add a slice of pineapple, and voila, it’s as though you never left Singapore.

Where to buy?

You can buy beautiful bottle sets directly at the Raffles Hotel Gift Shop, or you can find similar products at most markets around the city too.

Peranakan teapot set Singapore

Peranakan gifts


Looking for a certain something to bring home that will brighten up your home? Well, lucky for you, Peranakan artifacts come in a variety of forms, including stationary, cutlery, embroidery and clothing. Uniquely Singaporean, Peranakan artifacts originate from Chinese migrant descendants who brought their colorful and unique style to Singapore between the 15th and 17th century.

Where to buy?

The best places to hunt for Peranakan gifts are the Suntec City Mall and the National Orchid Garden. However, if you’re looking to take home an intangible, yet lasting knowledge of the history of Peranakan community, you can find it on our Perankan Story tour.

Singapore spice - guide to buy Singapore souvenir

Spices & Foods


If you have spent a fair amount of time in Singapore, it’s safe to assume that you’ve fallen in love with the food. It’s without a doubt that you’ll miss the magical blend of spices so perfectly combined, but don’t’ mourn, for you can take them home with you. As you sample the mouthwatering variety of plates around the city, keep in mind what dishes you’d like to try making back home. Keeping this mental checklist handy, be sure to leave space in your bag, or suitcase, for your favorite dry spices, tea bags and dry fruits!

Where to buy?

Perhaps without much surprise, food shops remain aplenty in Singapore. While the most convenient option would be your nearest local supermarket or mega-market, the selection tends to be a bit larger at on Geylang Serai and Serangoon roads. Still not satisfied? Try Little India & Chinatown, or ask a local within the area or a restaurant manager for recommendations.

Traditional China medicine Singapore

Traditional Chinese Medicines


Know someone back home whose Chi (vital energy) is a little off balance? Well, why not treat them to a little bit of traditional Chinese medicine? Typically packed in unique jars and paper packets, allow your friends and family back home to try something from abroad while fixing a cold or two. However, be very careful while browsing. While the Singaporean government enforces strict regulations on illegal animal trade, it goes without saying that illegal endangered animal products, such as bear bile and tiger bones, can still be found in forms of traditional Chinese remedies. Buying such products only further promotes the dangerous and highly illegal trade while also putting yourself at risk, so do your research.

Where to buy?

Among the most famous shops include Jai Tai Tong Medicine Shop and ZTP Ginseng Birdnest, on Orchard Road, and Sin Chong Meheco, on Upper Cross Street, and Chop on Sen Foh.

Laksa Spread

laksa singapore


Ah yes, we’re back to discussing the most important topic – food.

During your stay, you most likely fell in love with a lovely Peranakan noodle soup called Laksa. An enticing blend of coconut milk, laksa leaves, lemongrass, and prawn paste, Laksa embodies the beautiful outcome of a game changing collision between traditional Chinese and Malay cooking. Relive your memories of Singapore in your own kitchen by buying ready-to-cook paste to bring back home!

Where to buy?

Available in markets and supermarkets island-wide, it won’t be hard to find this vital ingredient.

Picking up Singapore souvenirs starts with a journey there! Our Singapore team can help you create an unforgettable customised itinerary in Singapore that explores its best highlights and heritage in a single journey.