30 June 2016

Hit the Shops

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We’re all familiar with the ‘made in China’ stamp that comes on many of our products at home. Though the country has a reputation for stellar brand name knock-offs, it’s also the birthplace of many imaginative inventions, premier technology and immense production of goods. And, there’s no way to experience the true extent of China’s merchandise like exploring the shops. A stroll down any shopping street or window shopping in any mall will confirm that China has anything and everything!


Shanghai is famous for having some of the best shopping in the world, with both luxury brands and cheap bargains, and everything in-between. Nanjing Road is best for the former, selling plenty of designer products and high-end brands. Whereas, Xiangyang Market is perfect for the latter, made up of dozens of flea markets and thousands of cheap trinkets.

Across the rest country there are plenty of well-known hopping spots in many major cities. Beijing has Wangfujing Street, a great place to browse souvenir shops and department stores, and Chengdu has Chunxi Road, a diverse area filled with boutiques, malls and department stores.


Although spring and autumn are generally the best times to visit China, shopping is also great during summer and winter. Escape the blistering heat in an air-conditioned mall, or hide from the rain while boutique hopping. Though Christmastime isn’t technically a national holiday in China, the season

Insider Tip:

Bargaining is part of the fun of shopping in China’s markets – a little bit of friendly haggling will not only get you a better price, but it will also spark communication between you and the locals. However, aggressive bargaining is not necessarily appreciated, and giving a little on your starting offer is expected from both sides of the negotiation.


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