Learning Journeys

Themed School Tours

 Since 2007, we have been working on the ground in Asia, connecting with inspiring individuals and communities to foster partnerships that will not only support local communities but also provide exceptional opportunities for visitors 

Our travel experts will work with you to create a bespoke educational tour that suits you and your group. 



Bring history to life for your students with the chance to visit some of the world’s most historic places. BET provides the local experiences so the stories of the past come to life.


Get creative and learn traditional arts and craft techniques which have passed from generation to generation; learn from the local artisans as they share their inspiration and methods.


Explore a different form of communication through music. Exchange and learn about the musical cultures of Asia that open new opportunities of expression and technique.

Service Learning

BET has a long history creating sustainable partnerships between schools and communities for unique service opportunities. We push beyond standard ‘service trips’ and reject ‘tokenism’ to engage deeper into real life situations by applying the five-stages of service learning to your program (investigation, planning, implementation, reflection, demonstration). 

Students will learn the importance of: 

  • Action research to explore deeply the development needs of a community
  • Community development infrastructure projects (water supply, sanitation, food security, education) 
  • Building relationships for sustainable development
  • Ensuring that justice is a prerequisite for equality and development
  • Realising their role in creating a more sustainable future for our world
  • Learning that true development requires short term efficient action and long-term patience


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Mindfulness Through Outdoor Education 

Our world is a complex, hectic, integrated place. To provide balance we believe it is important to disconnect from the electronic world and reconnect to the natural world. Through physical and mental activities and challenges in some of the region’s most beautiful natural settings, we develop self-awareness and an appreciation for our community and surrounding environment. 

School and university students will learn the importance of: 

  • Physical challenges including rock climbing, kayaking, trekking and more 
  • Personal challenges including team work, reflection and pushing beyond your physical and mental comfort zones 
  • Connecting with communities including meditation with monks, learning from village elders and traditional crafts and dance 
  • Developing self-awareness, self-worth and respect for others 
  • Meeting challenges, managing change and building relationships 
  • Pushing personal achievement to build resilience and confidence 
  • Developing physical, mental and spiritual well-being and social skills 


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Community Health Education 

Good health is a pre-requisite for community development and the alleviation of poverty.  In our world of growing inequality, it has become even more imperative that students studying within health fields have both professional and cultural competencies. Our Community Health Education learning journeys take university nursing, midwifery and medicine students into some of the most remote communities in Asia for hands-on and faculty led journeys. 

Health care students will: 

  • Work in clinical practices in resource-constrained settings 
  • Assist with the provision of health care services to marginalised communities 
  • Engage in health development through community, gender and cultural perspectives 
  • Develop professional skills and experiences 
  • Be exposed to practical concepts and ethical issues relevant to global health delivery 
  • Have opportunities to integrate their health care knowledge, demonstrate competency, and exercise sound clinical and ethical decision-making as novice health professionals 
  • Explore appropriate and viable strategies for practically managing primary health care issues in an international setting 
  • Critically analyse social and economic determinants of health affecting individual clients and communities 


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Experiential Learning Through Travel 

We believe travel is an amazing learning opportunity. It is not just what you see, it is how you see. It is not just who you meet, it is how you meet. Join our learning tours, workshops and social entrepreneur seminars to open hearts and minds and ‘see the world through the eyes of another’. 

Experiential travel will cover: 

  • History by meeting masters preserving traditional arts and crafts 
  • Ecology by visiting local environmental organisations and conservation groups 
  • Social justice through discussions and workshops with local NGO’s 
  • Global business and commerce through seminars with leading social entrepreneurs 
  • Inspiration through the people you meet, the food you eat, the sights you take in 
  • Experiencing, exchanging and empowering the communities you visit 
  • Changing lives through long term social impact projects 


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Charity Challenges 

In a world of need, BET connects those who help. Raise money for your favourite charity in unique ways while travelling in an inspiring setting. Our team combines experts in travel, event planning and community development to create challenges that meet your group’s organisational purpose and fund-raising goals.   

Charity Challenge travel could include: 

  • Cycling around Angkor Wat 
  • Hiking the Great Wall of China 
  • Cycling from North to South Vietnam 
  • Trekking the jungles of Borneo 
  • Multi-adventure itineraries 
  • Allowing your group to meet fund-raising goals 
  • Providing great team-bonding opportunities 
  • Promoting your organisation’s mission and purpose 
  • Overcoming personal challenges 


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