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The great Mark Twain opined that ‘travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.’ But often our travels fail to prove these words true as we lock ourselves away in walled resorts or exclusively dine in sanitised tourist restaurants. 

Experiencing Asia’s local life ensures our travels are rewarding, and beneficial for the communities we visit.  Buffalo Tours has developed Local Life tours embracing the philosophy of giving back, mandating that a minimum of 25 percent of revenue directly benefits locals.  All tours include visits to social enterprises such as EGBOK in Siem Reap, which provides hospitality training for at-risk Khmers. Our Local Life tours also go green when possible, swapping a tour bus for a bicycle, a public train or the power of our own two feet.  Our Local Life tours take you beyond the tourist track and into this heart of authentic Asia, where extraordinary connections and cultural discovery are intertwined with the stories and smiles shared with locals.

Experience the lesser-known local charms of Asia while supporting, sustaining and respecting the places you explore.


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