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Buffalo Tours specialises in authentic travel experiences that go beyond just the highlights of our destinations; that get beneath the skin of each country and bring the true nature of its people front and centre, in everything they do. We created Buffalo Tours MICE to take those experiences, those connections, and that operational excellence and translate it into the uniquely challenging meetings and incentives market.

With passionate events teams in each destination, our extensive expertise, operational know-how, and talent for authenticity ensures that every group is delivered to perfection. Using out-of-the-box thinking and creative programs, we can customise packages to fit a variety of goals. We work tirelessly with travel agents and corporate clients to capture the magic of our 11 destination countries and bring it to a specialised audience. Through the imagination, innovation and impeccable service which flow through the culture of our organisation, we are convinced that Buffalo Tours is the only partner you need to make your Asia event a spectacular reality.

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Every meeting has a different purpose and at Buffalo our knowledge of Asia enables us find the perfect meeting space. Whether in a dedicated facility or something off the beaten track, we can accommodate all requirements.


Our dynamic locations make the perfect backdrop for motivating and inspiring team incentives that capture the character of local cultures. Be it in a vibrant city center, on top of a picturesque mountain or on an idyllic desert island. Simply provide your objectives and our dedicated team will find the perfect Asian location to inspire and excite participants. We put strong emphasis on the ‘wow’ factors which make every experience just exceptional.

Responsible Travel

We are completely committed to sustainable working practices in everything we do. From the people we employ and the communities we work with to our clients, we are committed to changing lives through travel. Our CSR and sustainable tourism initiatives have been well publicised and we enjoy support from several NGOs for our efforts in promoting wildlife and environmental protection.

Quality in Delivery

With twenty four years of award-winning excellence in the travel industry, we have the support and network allowing us to work with the best in the business across the board. Throughout our years of operation, we have developed longstanding relationships with partners in all destinations, including an asset acquisition strategy which ensures we can deliver the best quality.




Unique Value for Money

Extremely passionate with strong attention to detail, we create wonderful meetings and incentive trips throughout Asia which benefit the interests and motivate teams. We aim to always exceed clients’ expectations at reasonable prices.

International Team with Full Language Support

We have the best knowledge in the business when it comes to finding adventure and venues fit for purpose. Our team of multi-national management, travel experts and local tour guides in each region offers unmatched local expertise as well as outstanding customer service.

Personal Service

We are dedicated to seeking out the best experiences all across Asia and making them accessible to you in a unique and interactive way.

Let’s make your meeting & incentives program unforgettable! Contact us today and find out how we can help turn your Asia event into a success.