Responsible Travel at Buffalo Tours

A holistic approach to sustainable tourism development

At Buffalo Tours, we believe that positive development in travel and tourism must be focused on all three pillars of sustainability. This includes initiatives targeted at sustainable economic development, cultural preservation and social inclusiveness, as well as environmental protection.











Below you can read more about some of the initiatives we put our hearts and minds into, and of which we are deeply proud. We also believe strongly in the transparency of our actions and each year we will be reporting on our annual activities. Feel free to download the report and share with others the impacts that we are making together.


Responsible Travel Introduction Booklet



Responsible Travel Report 2017



Case Studies

Guide Ambassador Program - Empowering young people through tourism

Buffalo Tours is committed to supporting local communities and empowering marginalised communities to participate in and benefit from sustainable tourism development. Our Guide Ambassador Program provides the tools and opportunities for young women and men to find work and gain access to education. With this program we provide a 6-month educational scholarship for disadvantaged youths to become the next generation of travel professionals.

The Guide Ambassador Program provides the following benefits:

  • An intensive 3-month curriculum, including classes on history, geography, religion, culture and professional English courses.
  • Three months of practical experience with senior guides, focussing on personality building, soft skills, as well as workshops on responsible travel, first-aid trainman and child protection training.
  • A monthly allowance, accommodation, bank accounts and insurance, as well as all the materials needed for each course.
  • At the end of the course, we provide participants with 1 year of paid work experience at Buffalo Tours and an official guide licence from the local guide association.


Guide Ambassador Program


Pure Napkins - An eco-friendly alternative

We are always on the lookout for new ways that we can help reduce plastic waste and lessen our impact on the environment. For this reason, Buffalo Tours is replacing all of their complimentary wet tissues with a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.

Pure Napkins also have the following benefits:

  • Pure Napkins are extremely compressed and expand upon contact with water. This means that they are easy to transport, further reducing their environmental impact.
  • Pure Napkins contain no additives and are non-toxic, naturally hygienic, and hypoallergenic.
  • Instead of using a harmful alcohol-based solution to moisten the tissues, our vehicles are equipped with hygienic water dispensers containing natural essences.
  • The water is infused with 3 different combinations of invigorating natural scents (green tea/cucumber, mandarin/lemon or basil/spearmint).


Pure Napkins


Social Enterprises - Supporting responsible & community-based business

Buffalo Tours seeks to incorporate an ever increasing number of social enterprises into our supply chain. This ensures that we are able to support businesses that contribute to sustainable local development. These enterprises include restaurants, workshops and entertainment venues that employ and provide vocational training to disadvantaged groups.

Supporting social enterprises has the following benefits:

  • Travellers are able to easily identify and support high quality products and services that give back to the local community.
  • Social enterprises are able to increase their revenue by being included in our supply chain. This provides an incentive for businesses to maintain high standards.
  • Local communities have increased access to training and employment through sustainable business models and community engagement.





Travelife Elephant Audit - A sustainable future for elephants in Asia

BuffaloTours has pioneered an innovative system for regulating and improving standards in elephant welfare. In collaboration with Travelife, this initiative is setting industry standards for ensuring the highest level of care for elephants in captivity. Through this auditing process, elephant camps are assessed based on comprehensive criteria that encourage camps to comply with strict guidelines for the care and wellbeing of Asian elephants.

The Travelife Elephant Audit is a unique initiative that:

  • Encourages elephant camps to improve their conditions with economic incentives, rather than merely forcing them to comply through boycotts.
  • Provides travellers with options for responsible elephant encounters by encouraging camps to offer alternatives to cruel treatment and activities.