12 September 2016

Responsible Travel Packing: Small Changes that Make a Big Difference

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At Buffalo Tours we are committed to responsible travel. Whether we are conducting an audit of South East Asia’s Elephant Camps or choosing to eat in restaurants that go the extra mile, we are always striving to be better travellers to help the places we travel in. And we know that you care about responsible travel too, but did you know that even your travel packing could be more sustainable?

In the aim of taking only pictures and leaving only footprints, let’s look into responsible travel packing.

How to pack responsibly?

Pack light

How many times has your luggage topped the scales at the airport counter but then you only use half of the items in it? The more weight an airplane carries, the more fuel it must use. Use these useful tips to find out how you can pack perfectly for Asia without all the excess weight.

What to pack?

Reusable water bottle

Asia is usually very hot and very humid. You’ll need to compensate by drinking a lot of water. Don’t waste your money on single use plastics by buying bottled water every time you need to hydrate. If you bring along your own water bottle, most hotels and restaurants across Asia have filtered water systems or larger (recyclable) gallons that you can fill up from. Better still, bring a bottle with its own filter, or some water purification tablets, to fill up anywhere.

Note that in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore you can happily drink water from the tap without any problems.

Reusable bag

As well as taking a day bag for your camera, cash and reusable water bottle, pack a reusable carrier bag (preferably made from an eco-friendly material!). You probably do so at home so why not do the same when you travel and say no to single use plastic bags.

What about toiletries?

Recycle at home

If you are buying new products for your trip, recycle as much of the packing as you can at home where the recycling systems are stricter. This will also help you with packing light!

Reusable containers

One of the least eco-friendly travel crazes is travel sized toiletries. Buy reusable containers and fill them with the products you use at home. Wash, rinse and repeat for your next trip.

Eco-friendly products

If you want to make a bigger difference, why not make the switch to eco-friendly toiletries? All natural products make even more of an impact in areas with poor sanitation, especially considering so many new products contain strong chemicals and non-biodegradable micro-beads.

Do you have any more tips for responsible travel packing? Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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