Xi’an Food Walk and Square Dance

Half Day


Half Day

Xi’an Food Walk and Square Dance


Feast on the highlights of Xi’an’s foodie scene with this fun-filled evening walking tour. Visit the gloriously vibrant Yongxingfang Food Street and take in the wonders of this unique marketplace. Attend an inimitable Shuaiwanjiu ceremony and drink a bowl of rice wine before enthusiastically smashing the cup against a wall-mounted target. Sample the culinary highlights of the market and try a variety of local delicacies before witnessing the elaborate processes behind some of the region’s most loved dishes. Enjoy dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Yongxingfang before taking a leisurely stroll to witness the distinctive spectacle of Square Dancing.


  • Visit the vibrant, lantern-dotted Yongxingfang Food Street

  • Sample the region’s finest dishes and enjoy dinner in a local restaurant

  • Attend an inimitable Shuaiwanjiu ceremony


  • English speaking guide, local food.
  • Service charges and government VAT tax



Xi’an Food Walk and Square Dance

DAY 1 - Xi’an Food Walk and Square Dance

Take in all of the culinary highlights of Xi’an in this fun-filled evening foodie tour. Meet at the light-filled, lantern-dotted Yongxingfang Food Street and experience the sights and sounds of this pulsating market. Packed to the rafters with authentic gastronomic fare, visitors will also take in rich and intriguing artefacts such as old farm ploughs, wonderfully vivid bunches of dried chillies and huge mask paintings.

Once the eyes are satisfied, attend an unforgettable Shuaiwanjiu experience. This unusual ceremony (the name of which literally translates to “smashing bowls”) is thought to bring safety to the participant and involves drinking a bowl of rice wine and then enthusiastically throwing said bowl at a target on the wall.

Continue the foodie fun by sampling a variety of traditional dishes; from mushroom skewers, tofu, and sticky rice pies to Rou Jia Mo (a Chinese version of the burger) and cold skin noodles, there’s a huge array of local eats to choose from! Stroll through the bustling marketplace and gaze in through warmly lit windows to witnesses the energetic chefs preparing each dish with unrelenting passion. Stop off at a sesame oil workshop, witness chilli grinding, see tofu being made and so much more besides. And, once the appetite has been suitably worked up, enjoy dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the market.

Walk off the delicious meal by taking a short stroll to witness Square Dancing, a fascinating performative exercise performed by the region’s retired women before heading back to the hotel for some much deserved rest.

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